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6 days ago

Aphrodite's Grimoire: Chapter 8: Revelations

A magical tale of transformation, passion, and debauchery…

Witch-sight can be very distracting. The golden sun slowly meandered towards the horizon, casting hues of pink, fire, and blue into the clouds as stars emerged from their hiding places, beginning their ceremonious waltz across the sky. I didn’t merely see...

1 week ago

Accidental Voyeur

Some days things just play out so unexpectedly.

When you have to go, you have to go. So I went, to the bathroom, that is. I made myself comfortable in the end stall. I was just about to break wind when I heard footsteps entering. I attempted to do it quietly. I realised that I was in the right place fo...

1 week ago

Mrs Howard Disciplines

Mrs Howard is the cleaner but also a strict disciplinarian.

Tina sat on the bed, Ellie by her side. The two eighteen-year-old friends were in Ellie’s bedroom.   Tina said with a smile, “You have to see this, Ellie. It’s about Johnny.”   “What, Tina, your friend, Johnny?”   “Yep, and Mrs Howard the cleaner.” Tina w...

1 week ago

Cocklust Ch. 30

Chad learns a surprising family secret.

It took me a while to put my feelings into words, but once I did, they seemed to come tumbling out. I told Chad all about what had happened. At first I thought it might be TMI—especially when I went into detail around my jacking off—but he never seemed to...

2 weeks ago

Utterly, Completely Taken (A Part Two)

V decides to go back for a second try with the man who knew how to satisfy every urge she had.

It had been six days since that night. Six days of pretending her world was still normal. Almost a week pretending that life was fine and that she didn't crave another man. Pretending that her fiancé’s attempts at pleasuring her were actually working. She...

2 weeks ago

Shower Head Lover

Next time you take a shower just wonder what it would say if it could talk.

Hot water surged through my veins, culminating in a stream of liquid that splashed over her face, between her breasts and over her plump bottom. Each drop tingled its way down her silky-smooth skin, kissing those elegant tattoos before falling from her in...

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2 weeks ago

Aphrodite's Grimoire: Chapter 6: Zenith

A magical tale of transformation, passion, and debauchery

For want of a nail, the kingdom was lost. For want of the key, the doors remained locked. Try as I might, on the following day, the next, and the next, until the days became weeks, book two of Aunt Grace’s grimoire was pure gibberish. The cosmic carrot da...

3 weeks ago

Aphrodite's Grimoire: Chapter 5: Phoenix

A magical tale of transformation, passion, and debauchery

My elated feeling of freedom lasted for less than a minute. The weight of what had transpired in the past day fell upon my soul, shattering my blissful mood, quenching the fires of desire burning within me. I had been transformed from being a real nowhere...

3 weeks ago

Husband, Master, Protector

Husband and wife come to an understanding with the business partner?

"Are you sure you want me to go?" "I've told you this already, Cassandra. Why are you questioning me?” I look down. The authority is clear in his voice and I know I've overstepped. "I'm sorry, I guess I was just checking. You don't normally take me with y...

3 weeks ago

Chapter 2: Naked Dreams & Seduction

Nika's search for her Mistress' killer requires her to seduce a cop

Once again, I was wearing my prettiest outfit, with the almost-translucent blouse and the skirt that I had shortened, held together with tape and staples. Once again, I went to the bar in the expensive hotel, hoping to get picked up by a high-roller – and...

It was a cold damp night. I could see a storm brewing in the distance. So when a stranger asked me back to his motel room, I went. I knew what he wanted of course, and to be honest, he didn’t exactly repulse me. He was quite the looker in fact. He was old...

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