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oral sex
1 week ago

Andy Has Dinner With Carole And Her Friend Jane

Andy goes around to his girlfriend's house for dinner. There he meets what he considers sex on legs. Will he be tempted to maybe have a bit on the side?

Andy and Carole had been getting on well, both in and out of bed. Carole had given him an order to behave himself, with regards to other women. He was not used to taking orders, but rather giving them. In his military mind, however, you disobeyed an order...

1 week ago

Mrs Howard Disciplines

Mrs Howard is the cleaner but also a strict disciplinarian.

Tina sat on the bed, Ellie by her side. The two eighteen-year-old friends were in Ellie’s bedroom.   Tina said with a smile, “You have to see this, Ellie. It’s about Johnny.”   “What, Tina, your friend, Johnny?”   “Yep, and Mrs Howard the cleaner.” Tina w...

3 weeks ago

The Corporate Ladder

A promotion leads a sexy young wife to a new world of sexual fulfillment.

Drawn to this den of inequities by an unquenchable craving, Celia draws in the heady aroma of sex laced with exotic perfume and aftershave. Her lower lip quivers as anticipation has her every nerve ending twitching. Once more, with her husband away on an...

4 weeks ago

Camel Toeing for Daddy While Mom Talks S#!t

Heather wears little shorts to rekindle her playful affair with her stepdad

“Do you like my shorts, Daddy?” Heather asked one summer evening as she posed, standing before her stepdad Caledon who sat on the sofa with his legs crossed. He was staring at her hand that was sliding down her bare belly onto the stretchy fabric of her v...

1 month ago

My Wife at the Graduation Party (v10.21)

A married couple goes to a hedonists Graduation party. Their lives will never be the same.

I never felt prouder of my wife, Brooke. She not only earned her B.A. in education, but she also passed the state exam and was a certified teacher. After the commencement ceremony last night, I took pictures of Brooke, her friend Ella, a hot redheaded fri...

1 month ago

Back In The Swing - Part 1

Covid had brought an end to a lot of our fun, but what a way to start again

The pandemic had changed our lives completely. There was no chance of any more gang bangs or meeting up with any of my many choices of naughty adventures on my bi side, or even just a quick fuck with my Turkish toy boy. Gary and I had ironed out our diffe...

1 month ago

Mary Makes A Discovery - Part 2

Mother-in-law and son-in-law continue to show their newly discovered liking for each other

The dynamics of the relationship between mother-in-law Mary Quinn and her son-in-law Tony Parkin had changed dramatically after Mary first suspected and then got confirmation that Tony had an interest in her knickers. His interest had started with him jus...

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1 month ago

The Animal Within

Not all doors are the same; some can change not just your life, but your world.

As a student at the local university, I attend classes full-time while working part-time jobs to pay for my tuition and books. So, saving money is essential for me. Because of that, I recently rented a cramped and cluttered attic bedroom in an old Victori...

2 months ago

Perhaps You Should Spank Me - Part 2

Brad returns to Cheryl's house for more sex and this time it is she that gets a sore arse

Cheryl O'Rourke was on a high throughout most of Tuesday. She was on a high because of the sensational sex that the forty-nine-year-old had had overnight with nineteen-year-old Brad Everett and also because Brad was returning at seven in the evening for a...

2 months ago

The Little Brother Alternative Part 2

The morning after, Mikey and Sophie have a talk.

Mikey awoke laying face down, awash with disorientation and emotional turmoil. ‘Did that even fucking happen’ was his first momentary thought, which as answered by a wave of erotic memories, and a lingering ache in his ass. Groggily he reached out and sna...

3 months ago

Carrie and the Portrait pt. 01

Carrie gets more than her picture taken

It all started with a phone call. It was a portrait of her husband. A simple request, you say? Read on for the real story of what happened. This is a true story that took place in the late ‘70s, long before digital photography. Carrie came into the camera...

Blushing furiously, I flooded the soft cotton as his mouth brushed the outline of my panties. Head lifting, his eyebrows rose in silent question. Trembling, I lifted my bottom; he carefully slid the drenched material down and, lifting the crotch to his no...

3 months ago

Jordan's Coming Of Age 2

Jordan continues to dally with Cathy, then an unexpected consequence!

Terri reads her mom's text as she walks up the sidewalk to her home: 'I'm staying overnight at Aunt Lucy's, and Jordan is playing in the tournament. You're on your own! Leftovers in the fridge. See you tomorrow.' Terri goes inside and heads to her bedroom...

3 months ago

Games Lovers Play

We book into a hotel room for a night of delicious fucking with the blinds open for everyone to see

Let me describe for your pleasure and arousal the kind of sexual games my lover and I enjoy. We hope so much that you will find it gratifying to imagine yourself watching us while we fuck. We are an ordinary couple but still very much in love, and althoug...

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