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1 week ago

If I Was A Woman…

A glimpse into to-do list.

I’m a man with an athletic body, big cock and love women. But what if I was a woman? What would I do if I was a woman? If I was a woman. If I was a woman I’d be a slim blonde. I’d be a slim blonde with great big tits. I’d start every day admiring my delic...

1 week ago

Aphrodite's Grimoire: Chapter 8: Revelations

A magical tale of transformation, passion, and debauchery…

Witch-sight can be very distracting. The golden sun slowly meandered towards the horizon, casting hues of pink, fire, and blue into the clouds as stars emerged from their hiding places, beginning their ceremonious waltz across the sky. I didn’t merely see...

2 weeks ago

The Church

The things we do in the name of the Lord.

The musty church smell lingered, competing with the sweet smell seeping into his nostrils from her bent over bottom at the altar. Every stroke dragged out more juice that quickly evaporated from their hot, frantic coupling. “How many times in here?” She s...

3 weeks ago

Anastasia of the Shire

Anastasia uses her seductive powers when everything is at stake. Yet, is everything we see, all there is?

“Anastasia! Anastasia! Where have you been?” Ragnvaldr’s familiar, strong voice called, with a hint of unnecessary urgency. “In the meadows, with my friends,” I answered whimsically with a twirl. The hemline of my low-cut, peasant dress followed my spin,...

When my boss told me another security officer would be assigned to work the night shift with me, I told him I didn’t need it. I had worked graveyard for the last ten months and could map out the construction site I patrolled blind. It seemed pointless. Pl...

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3 weeks ago

The Corporate Ladder - Part 3

The climb continues.

Bret presses the last number and closes his eyes. An eternity passes before on the third ring, Bill answers, saying, “What now? I named you the director of operations to alleviate the necessity of micro-managing everything, so what’s the problem.” A nervo...

1 month ago

Happy Birthday, Dana!

Sometimes the unexpected happens.

Dana came from a wealthy family. She went to college and got a degree in World History. With her degree, she could have taught, and she had the vocation for teaching, but she said that she preferred to leave the job to those who really needed a job. She d...

1 month ago

Just To Be Clear

Why am I writing a letter? Because he needs to know how needy I am.

To my dearest husband, I want no ordinary lover. I want sleepless nights. I want a fucking storm. I want to be shipwrecked between the sheets, spread-eagled, eaten whole, devoured and left in a half-conscious, screaming and babbling sweaty mess. I want pa...

1 month ago


There are many reasons to stay together. This is just one of them.

We entered the swinger’s club; her excitement written in lipstick with the aid of her smile. I watched her flirt and fondle her way through four women before she reached the bar but it was the blonde’s thighs she slipped her hand between as they kissed. L...

1 month ago

Warm Summer rain or wet dream?

Sometimes a dream can feel so real it's hard to believe it's just a dream

Ella woke from her nap to the sound of rain falling gently on the tent. It was late afternoon. Ella and her current lover had returned from a morning hike and decided to take a quick nap. Their campsite was primitive and remote. The nearest site was at le...

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