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I left my husband and his brother drinking in the lounge. I was too tired and squiffy so went to bed. It must have been about two or three in the morning when I woke up. Thirsty and tired, I went to the kitchen for a glass of water. It was dark. His...

Kevtheledge63 3 days ago

Cuckolding The Alternative To A Monogamous Marriage

What was meant to be a simple walk after dinner and maybe some public sex turned it a whole lot more

I remember our first time like it was yesterday, even though it was three years ago now. I think back to how it all started and believe we may have started backwards. Not going the usual route of fantasy and flirting but straight into the fucking, bu...

Kevtheledge63 9 hours ago

The Hall Pass Part 3

Nick goes home after getting advice from Joan and Keith. Carla tells Nick, Taylah’s story.

Joan stood up as pee continued to drip from her lips and anus, Keith handed her a towel, and she shoved it between her legs and soaked up the piss, cum, and pussy juices. Joan looked at me and again smiled that intensely beautiful smile; she really w...

ckbres 6 hours ago

Thrill #3

I was stunned by what we had done

I sat there stunned. Carol had just fucked Tom while I watched.  Tom's cum was seeping out of her cunt.  Her tits were covered with love bites.  She glowed with the aftershocks of orgasmic sex.  She smiled with sexual satisfaction...

Luv2Read69 5 days ago

Becoming a Sissy

Becca is Born.

For the longest time I can remember loving the look of pantyhose on a woman. It made their legs look so sexy and especially when they wore heels. I would always jack off while looking at pictures of women in pantyhose in magazines. So one day after t...

cliff_edger 4 days ago

Ashley's Surprising Descent as a Submissive Slut (Part 2) - Episode 8

Ashley continues her surprising transformation into a submissive slut in Costa Rica

The brilliant Latin American morning sun streamed through the bedroom windows of the remote Costa Rican beach resort. The warm, bright rays illuminated my naked body, laid out in the center of the luxurious king-sized bed like a prize. The lush white...

Nobston 1 month ago

The Nerd - Ch. 02

The Nerd at a college party. In his pants? With three knockouts. Is there even a story here?

The fraternity house was lit up with what looked like a million Christmas lights. The half-dressed fivesome hurried up the steps to the front door. It was being policed by three burly frat brothers. “Penny Penis Eater,” one of them cackled, recognizi...

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cumbichance 1 week ago

Jordan's Coming Of Age 2

Jordan continues to dally with Cathy, then an unexpected consequence!

Terri reads her mom's text as she walks up the sidewalk to her home: 'I'm staying overnight at Aunt Lucy's, and Jordan is playing in the tournament. You're on your own! Leftovers in the fridge. See you tomorrow.' Terri goes inside and heads to her b...

cbears52 2 weeks ago

My Love for My Sister - Chapter One

Josh and Julie admit they love each other

My sister, Julie, and I are twins with me being the oldest by three minutes, I have tried to be the best brother she could ever have and as we got older, we got closer to each other. I always had her back and when she was at school, I would keep an e...

glenn72 1 week ago

My Aunt - My Niece

You might not want to know the truth...

It had been a number of months that my Aunt Rachel had been serving me as my slave. Her daughter lived in the dorms at a nearby college but would periodically come home when her budget got tight, meaning that she’d raid the refrigerator, do laundry,...

WannabeWordsmith 1 month ago

Plumbing Her Depths

He doesn't just fix the bathroom pipes while her husband's at work.

It seemed unlikely that our first encounter included anal, but that's how it went down. I arched my back and gripped the bathroom tap for support, malachite irises lidded, breath fogging the mirror with rhythmic ovals in sync with heavy panting. My t...

DonnaCupcake 17 hours ago

My Future Ex-Girlfriend

I got the app. Celia got the app and advertised for a future ex. I thought I might be that girl.

I met Celia on Finder. My divorce was final, and just as I was ready to go out and spread some celebratory wild oats, Covid 19 came to America. So I freed myself exactly when I couldn't celebrate my freedom. So I read. I wrote. I chatted. I invested...

A Tale Of Forbidden Love

Another hot mom and son story

A Tale Of Forbidden Love My name is Shannon, and I work for an affluent college just outside of Chicago. I recently turned 30 years old, and have been single for the majority of my life. Admittedly, it's been an easy way to go for me and my finance...

Back2egg 1 year ago

The Cheerleaders Panties Pt. 02

James is made to escort his sister's team on Halloween!

Halloween was soon upon us, and Sally and her friends in the cheerleaders had an idea of being the "Zombie Cheerleaders of 'Oxford College." Unfortunately, if Mother could cause any dismay or disappointment she would, such was her misanthropic dispos...

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