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2 months ago

Inaugural Love

“We have sex with someone who can satisfy us physically, but we make love to someone who can satisfy us soulfully and eternally.” ~ Mehek Bassi

You once asked me if I thoughtwe would become lost in one another – not as something to be subsumed, but as lovers in profuse synchrony. If this was losing myself, in you I would lose myself in each lifetime. Your embrace welcomed me warmlyand from the mo...

2 months ago

Spiraling Infernos

A piece of sensual poetry

the brush of our palms sizzleigniting a spark of timeless soulsskin hungers for flesh,the caress of fingertipsetch scorching sigilsof ageless passionover the quivering corner of your mouthand slowly down the creamof your cheek and neckinside your eyesstar...

3 months ago

Floor 2: Clovehill Mortuary. Ch. 01

Erotic Fantasy LitRPG: Vix encounters a Howler.

A digital message flashes above the elevator door. 2ND FLOOR. CLOVEHILL VALLEY. ESCORT THE SCIENTIST TO SAFETY. Nice, an escort mission. The elevator doors part, revealing a gloomy cemetery with sickly white trees and gravestones overgrown with vines. The...

4 months ago

An Ideal Spanking - Hard but Sexy: Chapter 1 - Setting the Scene

I married my 2nd wife after an erotic spanking brought her to two shuddering climaxes

An erotic spanking can be hard, but it must be sexy or where's the FUN? I'm not sure whether there's a limit on the number of words in this site's stories, but to be safe that's the reason this one is going to be broken into chapters. Also means I don't h...

5 months ago

Floor 1: Ravenwood Academy Ch. 03

Erotic Fantasy LitRPG: Eve encounters The Football Player.

ROOM 102. RAVENWOOD LIBRARY. Mahogany shelves lined with thick hardbacks section the library into narrow aisles as high windows provide the only source of light. The room is tranquil and dimly lit by the setting sun, signaling the end of a school day. Sun...

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5 months ago

Floor 1: Ravenwood Academy Ch. 02

Erotic Fantasy LitRPG: Eve encounters The Cheerleaders.

Warning: All characters in this story are at or above the legal age of 18. This story contains reluctance which may not be suitable for all readers. * * * * * “Save it for outside the classroom, Miss Croft.” The Professor motions with his hand towards the...

You tower above me, I’m down on my knees, Give me all of you, “I need your touch, please.”   My long dark hair, Twisting around your finger, Pace quickens to satisfy, “Slower, let it linger.”   Lips freely wander, Cock dives in deeper, Pat me reassuring,...

6 months ago

Floor 1: Ravenwood Academy Ch. 01

Erotic Fantasy LitRPG: Eve encounters The Professor.

A digital message flashes above the elevator door. 1ST FLOOR. RAVENWOOD ACADEMY. The elevator shaft halts its ascent as I hear mechanical wheels rotate and lock. I let out a loud sigh of excitement. I purposely did not watch any reviews or research any ti...

6 months ago

My Sleeping Lover

A young woman remembers last night

I love watching you sleep. Like a lioness in repose.  Gently, quietly, I pull the sheet aside, and for a moment I can’t even breathe. I see the exquisite form of goddess before my eyes. Every time, your beauty takes my breath away. Every. Single. Time. Su...

8 months ago

Erotica Paris - 1

An erotic adventure in Paris.

MICHAEL I chose a small table near the corner of the bar, off the main lobby of the Le Grand Soleil Hotel in Paris. It was my first time in the French Capital, and I was here to experience all that it offered. My name is Michael, I’m forty-five years old,...

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