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1 month ago

Aphrodite's Grimoire: Chapter Three: Alchemy

A magical tale of transformation, passion, and debauchery

The life-giving, warming rays of the morning sun crept through my window and wrapped me in their arms. I awoke to the heat of the sun caressing my nude body, inspiring my hands to caress my innermost folds where Sol couldn’t reach. Tweaking my already ere...

2 months ago

My Wild Weekend: Part Two: Public Interruptus

My weekend continues and karma decrees that we get constantly interrupted

After my torrid Friday and the events of the day, I was both hungry and as horny as I recall ever being. Feeling no effects from dad’s edible, I choked down another. We entered the restaurant and it lived up to its name. It was cozy and warm and darkened;...

3 months ago

Beach Bunny

"You show me yours and I'll show you mine!"

I had been told that you can often meet interesting people on adult education literary courses. The seeds of my son-in-law’s divorce were sown at an Open University Summer School. But that’s another story. After an extensive trawl of the net, I’d found a...

3 months ago

Kryssi the Bimbo Watches Porn and Goes Shoe Shopping

My boyfriend watches porn and I reenact it by going shoe shopping

Hiya everyone, did you miss me? Like, so much has happened in the past few weeks that my head is buzzing. Before you worry, Matt and I are, like, totally OK; and people still think I’m that Bimbo Baggins character. But so many cool and fun things have hap...

3 months ago

Meeting My Parents: Part One: My Slutty Mother

My mother insists that I take my lover to meet her. I end up making it worth his while.

Damnit, mom! I can see your nipples and bush showing from twenty yards away. There’s no way you’re not aware of that! Those were my thoughts as I climbed out of my lover’s SUV and saw her running up to greet us. Her C-cup breasts bounced up and down with...

4 months ago

A Very Hot Time in Sin City

A little flashing in the casino turned into a winning time!

It had been several years since Erica and I had been to Las Vegas, so we decided to head west for some relaxation. After a trip with the usual flight delays, we made our way to our hotel on the boulevard. Upon check in we went to our unit and did some unp...

4 months ago

Jess and the life changing weekend: Part five.

Jess realises she has made a mistake and enlists the aid of her best friend.

Chapter Eight. The rest of the day was spent naked. We swam, we relaxed and talked. We ate a lunch that Jeremy made for us all and even napped in the afternoon after making each other cum once again; this time Jeremy filled my mouth with his cum. Every se...

4 months ago

The Jealousy Test Date

Everybody has a breaking point, or do they? Is he right for me? Can he handle my wild side?

The day we first met, I was wearing a skirt without panties and he literally landed between my legs, looking up into “paradise” as he announced to the crowd. I’ve desperately tried to break the spell he has over me but discovered that I really don’t want...

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4 months ago

My Medieval Submission and the Sex Slave

I hate that I love what my knight does to me

I was trying to build up the nerve to blow off Glade, my lover, but you ruined it for me! Okay, that’s only half true. I was bolstering my resolve to distance myself from my very beneficial friend and I ruined it for myself by blabbering on and on to my f...

4 months ago

Jess and the Life Changing Weekend: Part Four.

Jess faces a dilemma in her marriage and things heat up in the pool.

Chapter Six. I pulled up into the parking lot and parked in the shade of a big gum tree while I waited. I was daydreaming about the events of the day as I watched the boys begin packing up the gear. I was shaken out of my daydream by the phone ringing. “H...

4 months ago

Jess and the Life Changing Weekend: Part Three.

After teasing Jeremy more than she planned, Jess gets a big scare.

Chapter Five. I was still in a daze and was just pulling my shorts up when there was a knocking on my door. Oh, Jeremy, that better not be you. I thought as I walked to the door. I opened the door and there was Katherine, Jeremy's girlfriend. Oh fuck. D “...

5 months ago

Festival Concert With Kelly

Kelly met a couple of new cocks.

It was June of 1991. Not too far from where we lived there was a big annual weekend festival with free concerts. Kelly found out that the headlining act for Saturday night was one of her favorite heavy metal ‘hair’ bands from the 1980s. We arrived early a...

5 months ago

Mardi Gras With Kelly

Kelly wanted to imitate Girls Gone Wild. She succeeded.

It was the weekend before Mardi Gras in 1999. Let me tell you how this started: I blame Joe Francis, the guy behind Girls Gone Wild (GGW). It was several months prior to Mardi Gras when Kelly and I saw some GGW ads on TV. Honestly, it was right up our all...

5 months ago

Jess and the Life Changing Weekend: Part One.

Jess accidentally exposes herself and discovers she enjoys it.

Chapter one. I can't easily explain why I did it in the first place. Sure I was home alone and kind of bored and my husband, Peter, hadn't exactly been paying a lot of attention for a while but I guess there are no real good reasons for it. I won't deny t...

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