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6 days ago

The Gamer's Initiative

Tabletop gaming as foreplay? Quickie Sex Interlude to heal your Hit Points? Kiss the DM and find out...

“Does a fifteen hit?” The GM checked the stats on his notes. “It does not. And it is attacking you.” “Fuuck.” “What is your Armor Class?” “Fourteen.” The GM rolled dice while keeping his face neutral, Gaylor always had a very fine poker face. Both his par...

2 weeks ago

The Persuasion

A well-hung, but shy friend takes some coaxing to finally come around.

A few weeks had passed since my first encounter with Jason. It seemed like we were settling into a more manageable schedule of once or twice per week. I was starting to enjoy being on the receiving end of anal as much as I was in giving it. I wasn’t sure...

3 weeks ago

The Arrangement

Two friends make a standing arrangement to exchange favors.

It was mid-May in 1991 and I was just a few weeks away from my high school graduation. My parents were away for a couple of days to go to an automobile racing event a few hours away. As such, my sister and I made an arrangement for her to go away with her...

1 month ago

Grace's Flatmate Fun

Lockdown boredom leads to flatmate fun...

Grace lay on her bed, the late morning sunlight shining in through her window. It was now two and a half months into the lockdown and she felt restless. She was sharing a flat with her best friend Mia and another friend Lucas. Mia's boyfriend Dan had also...

2 months ago

Emma: A sexually frustrated teenager - Part 1: Bored and sexually frustrated

Sixteen-year-old Emma is looking back on the sex she had just before the pandemic started. Will anything like it ever happen again?

Emma was bored. Damn bored! She was sixteen years old, in her first year of upper secondary school and this spring semester could not get any worse. It was Tuesday the fifth of May 2020 and for almost two months now she had been in isolation. That’s two m...

3 months ago

The Summit - Part II

The transition from friends to lovers, and perhaps more, continues.

I barely remember the fifty minutes of traffic as I drive back to my house from dropping Sue off at Robert's condo. My brain keeps replaying that unforgettable mountain top sex Sue, and I shared and those last words she said when I dropped her off, "... i...

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3 months ago

The Summit

Can friendship survive after we cross a line on the summit?

There's not a friend I hold dearer or have had longer than Sue.  As kids in elementary school, we chased each other on the playground and spent many days playing at each other's homes. Sue's herculean efforts were the only reason I passed Advanced English...

3 months ago

He/She is Typing Pt.01

Joanna becomes close friends with her son's school teacher.

JOANNA It's my son's school play today. Backstage, teachers and parents rush fussily from here to there amid a flock of costumed kids. It’s not how I usually allow myself to get. But I'm the class's resident Journalist Mom and I’ve let them suck me into t...

3 months ago

We hug all the time. We are friends. It is part of our daily interaction. We have never been lovers and we never will be. It is simply not an option between us, nor do I want it to be. We are only friends and will always be only friends. However…I will no...

5 months ago

The F.E.T.I.S.H. Ray Tales, Fuckbuddies: Glenda's Story

Tomboy Glenda is suddenly extremely interested in casual sex with her best friend.

Glen came over the first day of summer after graduating to play basketball and video games, like she always had while we were in high school. Her full name was Glenda, but nobody called her that. She had always been a tomboy, and we had grown up together,...

5 months ago

Open Mic Night

After a night of open mic poetry, a friend reveals a secret and I help her out.

Leah and I walked out of the pub toward the lot where our vehicles were parked.  Open poetry night was over.  Leah is an amazing poet, at least I think so.  I’m not into the typical angry/hurt emo style, nor the Olde English wanna-be with its flowery pros...

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