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1 week ago

Curious On Craigslist

Curiosity popped my cherry.

So I would always browse on Craigslist when I was bored and would look at everything. I was about twenty-two at the time, so four years ago. I would always see the section for dating – at the time, I would obviously look at the women for men. But I always...

1 week ago

To Dream Among The Stars - Chapter 11B

Hard as it might be, Alex’s solo evening is taking a turn, no longer as straightforward as he thought.

Day 11 My day has been frustration after frustration, having denied myself because I decided that I needed an evening alone, away from my gorgeous girlfriend and my attractive colleagues. I’m in the shower, hot water raining on my tensed body when Bruce o...

3 weeks ago

Cross Country

Coming of age going cross country

The start of that summer was no different than summer's past, same old, same old. Every day pumping gas, every night driving around the southern Illinois night, drinking beer and occasionally visiting the make-out grounds at the old mill. When we heard th...

1 month ago

Wonderboy, Boy I Wonder - Chapter Two: His Secret Identity

Ian seeks Ryan out, going to dangerous extremes to meet the object of his fantasy.

Two Months Later In the past weeks, we’ve all been swept up in the craze surrounding the man who can only be referred to as Cretan City’s resident superhero, known to the public as Surge. Rumors about this exciting figure—including his recent appearance a...

1 month ago

Finding Religion - Part 1

I decide to get my life back on track, so I join a new church.

I was going through a dark part in my life when I finally decided to try and get myself back on track. I had dropped out of college, and with the money and free time I had, I was spending a large portion of my time getting blackout drunk, high, or fucking...

2 months ago

The Point 2 - Chapter 6

Brandon and Jackson both officially join the team.

The next day Mark was greeted by a very enthusiastic Sam. Apparently, Sam had stopped by the sporting goods store to thank the owner personally for donating the shoes to him. The two hit it off quite well and David was impressed by Sam’s personality and p...

2 months ago

The Point 2 - Chapter 5

Sam takes a huge step forward while Devonte receives his official welcoming to the team.

The following day Mark headed to the locally owned sporting goods store. He needed to buy a couple of new jockstraps, especially since Pak had recently acquired one of his. That gave him the perfect opportunity to convince the owner to help him get Sam a...

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2 months ago

My Student, Final Chapter

After the party, Bobby takes control of things

Bobby and I had changed the venue of the party. I thought that my shower would suffice. On further reflection, however, we decided that the pool deck would better serve our needs. The men had started arriving. Bozeman had arrived, early of course, with hi...

Carlos. Like every Thursday, she's draped her plucked and pampered body on the deck in her skimpiest possible. Just for him to see. And as always, he gives a friendly smile, but doesn't make a damn move. Once again, she stamps inside to try and relieve he...

2 months ago

Brotherly dare

Losing the bet he wanted full payment

We were alone in the house for the night, it was just getting dark outside when my brother entered the room naked. "Time to pay up bro, remember I get the full works from you." "Ok," I say. "Right here or upstairs in your bedroom?""Upstairs, of course, I...

2 months ago

My Devil's Threesome in Reno

I thought I was in for my first ever two girl threesome when I was interrupted by a couple.

Last week someone asked me if I had ever had a two-girl threesome. The person I was having this conversation with is 100% straight and doesn’t know that I’m bi. If they did, I would have proudly told them that my kind of threesome involves two cocks (mini...

2 months ago

Gay Carlos

A cute Mexican nurse makes my rehabilitation wonderful

When I arrived at The Montgomery Assisted Living and Convalescence Center, I had no idea what to expect. I had just spent a dreadful week in the hospital following lumbar surgery and was starting a several-week in-patient stay that would involve post-op m...

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3 months ago

The Happy Sailor Rides Again

The sailors reunite for a weekend in London, but momentous life changing events are in motion.

Upon the return to the UK from the trip to Gibraltar, and the tour of the Mediterranean Sea, Adam had left the ship as he had been aboard for just this one voyage and I wondered when I would see him again. This was in the days prior to mobile phones, inte...

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