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6 days ago

Snack Break

Office work

As Monday midday approaches, you have your desk full with mind numbing work in your office. Part of you is joyful about the new role and part of you hates the additional BS paperwork. As lunch time approaches, I walk in with a lunch basket for an in-offic...

5 months ago

The Naked Gamble

Nika bets on losing…and winds up being bound, fucked, and tormented.

I lay on my front, hands bound behind me, legs spread. Mistress had yanked my hair back, forcing my head up to make me watch her fucking me. I was desperate to cum as she had been edging me for what seemed like hours, but she was holding an ice cube again...

7 months ago

The Last Escort Part Twelve - Chapters 45-48

Will Alice succeed in breaking up Mac and Grace?

Chapter Forty-Five Grace ate her meal in silence while Mac and Sal talked business, politics, and sports. Sal tried to engage her in the conversation at one point, but he gave up after her one-word answers made it clear she was in no mood to talk. Mac’s p...

8 months ago

Little Kaninchen Unrestrained

Can the little rabbit endure her master's games?

The scent of wet leather drifts to my nostrils as I clamp my teeth around his belt and wail, the searing heat from the stripe of wax on my exposed breast racing to every nerve ending that matters. I choke back the safe word behind the unforgiving loop tha...

Hot & Cold

Is it hot in here, or is it just me... and you?

It's almost unbearably hot. All the windows are open yet no cooling breeze dares to enter the sunlit hotel room. The only thing the beads of moisture on your naked skin can pick up is the slight movement of air as I pass your bound body, the gentle pressu...

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Cold As Ice

Love lost Regained

You leave me so coldthink you’re irresistible?think your touch is specialdon’t even tryyour touch does nothingyour fingers leave me coldgo aheadput your tongue therewhat happens?did it even flicker?you think it did?think you could make it?Prove it!Why are...

2 years ago

The Office Whore - Part 14

Chad takes Reina on an erotic adventure...

Chad looked at Reina and smiled. God, she was so beautiful and for the next several hours, all his. For a split second, he wanted to just call the whole thing off and take her back to his place and just make love to her. But that wouldn’t be fair to Reina...

2 years ago


Will the fire that rages within consume her before the external heat?

The moment I hear the strike of the match against the box I know I'm in more trouble. The whoosh of oxygen racing to fuel the flame. The fizz and crackle as it catches. The flicker that the blindfold makes impossible to perceive, yet my mind sees anyway....

2 years ago

Icing Down My Sweaty Sister

Hot and bored siblings find a way to pass the time.

Another overheated day in July. The humidity made it feel downright Venusian. Sweat stains blossomed on my sister's T-shirt. Her underarm stains expanded, joining up with her underboob stains, which joined with her interboob stain and her neckline stain,...

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