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19 hours ago

A Hunter's Widow

The seductive release of one woman's inner spirit.

I am here because I choose to be here. I am where I want to be. It is not by any force other than my own free will that the actions dictating my state are what they are. I do not believe in a singular event or circumstance taking on...

6 days ago


Just who was the mysterious woman washing clothes in the steam and why must Lady Catherine find her?

Lady Catherine and her maid trotted their horses through the mist which enveloped the Phoenix Park. She rode with the poise demanded of the Anglo-Irish aristocracy. Despite the brutal murder of Lord Frederick Cavendish, the British Cabinet minister wit...

2 weeks ago

Only In My Dreams

My recollection of a dream I had and the outcome afterward.

It's funny how your mind works. How your brain can take current events, things you've seen, stuff you said, and then smash them into something extraordinary or frightening in your sleep. This is a story about one of those times. Recently, I began ta...

2 weeks ago

Turning Straight

Straight girl unexpectedly gets drawn into an encounter.

It was finally the weekend and I was so looking forward to relaxing and winding down after several days of stress at work. Carly, one of my oldest friends, was throwing a huge party at her house and practically demanded I make an appearance, threatenin...

2 weeks ago

Roxy & Jane On Holiday In Lesbos

Mother and daughter become reacquainted by breaking some taboos.

On a sunny summer morning, Jane and her daughter Roxy arrive by taxi at their hotel on the Greek island of Lesbos, ready for their weekend break at this resort nestled into the coast, which is just the start of their first holiday together exploring th...

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2 weeks ago

Jackie, Part Two

Jackie decides there are more opportunities in California.

Jackie never fucked Uncle Harry but that didn’t end her adventures. He never again photographed her but encouraged Jackie to continue modeling. “I have a friend, Jackie, that interviews girls that are interested in modeling. I sent her your pictures. S...

2 weeks ago

My Twin Sister, My Lover

Episodes from the lives of two incestuous siblings

1. A sharp creak echoed through the nocturnal stillness of the house. An old floor betrayed the bare feet passing gently over its wooden slats. With the turn of a glass doorknob, a heavy door swung open for a second, admitted a body, then quickly sh...

3 weeks ago

Portrait of a Lady - 1

An artist is commissioned to paint a politician's portrait.

She was on the phone. “No, Grace, I am not alone. Lauren Noakes is here. Yes, that’s right, the artist. I’ve commissioned her to do a portrait of me. Let’s call it my vanity project. She’s working really hard.” I’d been lucky enou...

2 weeks ago


03 Lord Crow and the Woman - Dinner

Lord Crow had a private elevator from the lobby of the building to his office and a second from his office to his apartment on the top floor and this was the first time the woman had been in it. She was met at the top by Lord Crow in a smoking jacke...

The Cul-De-Sac

Young newlyweds buy into a very interesting neighborhood

The wooded cul-de-sac sat hidden in a residential area about forty minutes from the city. It was in a middle-class town that urban sprawl was slowly but surely having its way with, and an attractive location for our young couple to purchase their first...

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