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Lifeguard 2: Jill and Frank: Chapter 4

Frank’s hands slowly opened Jill's robe and slowly began caressing her marvelous breasts, flicking her nipples.

Chapter 4 The sun was shining as they woke in the morning. Frank moved to get up to go to the bathroom. He tried to be quiet so as to not disturb Jill. As he was taking a long standup pee, Jill came around him and helped him aim his penis. She really wasn...

Lifeguard 2: Jill and Frank: Chapter 3

Her fourth orgasm was totally different as she squirted. She had never squirted before.

Chapter 3 7 PM. Frank took an Uber to the restaurant. Atelier was located in a boutique hotel that in itself was a hot place. Frank walked in the front door. He was about 5’9” tall, broad-shouldered from wrestling, and maintaining his fitness so even at a...

1 week ago

You Need Me

My fairytale come true

Like most girls growing up, I often dreamt of my Prince Charming. I wanted the perfect guy, the perfect first kiss, and the perfect family that lived happily ever after. I knew It was more of a fantasy than a reality, but for some people, dreams do come t...

Lifeguard 2

Jill’s light touch on his chest was like a thunderbolt of electricity surging through him.

Jill and Frank: Chapter 1 Frank was in a bad, terrible mood that not even drinking wine with his partners seemed to mitigate. He had a reason. His wife of twenty-seven years had been killed in a car wreck six months prior. She was the only woman he’d been...

2 weeks ago

Shauna, the Mermaid

She wasn't a mermaid, was she?

George was from a very protective family. In his family, there were a few rules, like no TV and no phone calls during dinner. Those were moments for sharing about the day, at school for him and his siblings, and at work for his parents. Another rule was t...

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3 weeks ago


The essence of you

Your presence fills the room, yet my eyes are still to see you. My pulse quickens at the mere suggestion of your masculinity enveloping my senses. My fingertips ache to brush against your flawless skin, to know the dips and curves of your sculpted physiqu...

It is so vividly etched into my mind: the recollection of when I saw you enter that room which, although being crowded and the music blasting from the speakers, made me feel alone and left out. I was about to leave the party, stagger home, crawl back to b...

4 weeks ago

The Blitz and My Balladier

She set fireworks off in his soul and then the real explosions started.

Bombs dropped from the London atmosphere like overripe apples falling from the trees in the orchard back home. Since the Blitz began last September, the London sky wasn't filled with clouds or stars; it was filled with explosive devices and the smoke plum...

1 month ago

Happy Birthday, Dana!

Sometimes the unexpected happens.

Dana came from a wealthy family. She went to college and got a degree in World History. With her degree, she could have taught, and she had the vocation for teaching, but she said that she preferred to leave the job to those who really needed a job. She d...

1 month ago

At a Distance

At a distance, love in COVID time is harduous.

Do you know what is worse than starting a new job? Doing it just after the COVID confinement started. What was supposed to be a simple in-person onboarding followed by a team introduction meeting changed to be a hasty phone call with the HR rep and a Zoom...

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