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male submissive
6 days ago

Peta’s Punishment For Naughty Boys

“You’ve been naughty, and now you need to be taught some manners.”

The darkness envelopes me as I close the front door, and I can’t help wincing at the seemingly ear-shattering click it makes as I turn the lock. The lights are left off while I try to stumble as noiselessly as possible to the bedroom. I’m praying that Pet...

1 year ago


Alex lets his nerdy ex's sister dominate him during Covid in a remote cabin.

“You got to help me out here!” Alexander pleaded. “Helping you out is the last thing I have to do. Consider yourself lucky that I even took this call. Should have blocked you a long time ago!” There was no chance, Lillian thought. “Come on! Don’t be like...

5 years ago

Role Reversal - Part 1

An unexpected discovery changes the relationship between Brett and his assistant.

Getting promoted to VP of finance at thirty-five had been Brett Andersen's dream. He had a gorgeous apartment filled with designer furnishings, a BMW convertible and a closetful of bespoke suits. Of course, he'd worked his ass off to attain that dream. An...

6 years ago

Helpless - His First Time

She introduces him to the thrill of bondage

I can’t even remember how long I’ve been sitting on the edge of her bed - funny how time slips by when your fingers are laced with those of a beautiful girl. Her beauty is so intense that my eyes are repeatedly drawn away from the view of a sparkling city...

9 years ago

His Dirty Little Secret

His wife finds his stash of clothing, leading to some role reversal

Julia was doing some spring cleaning in the house. She had scrubbed everything, cleaned the oven, scrubbed the floors and was in the process of cleaning out the closets. Stuffed in the back of a closet was a bin. She didn’t know what was in it. The sight...

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