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6 days ago

The French Connection Chapter 1

An English Teacher meets a foreigner in her building.

I sighed as I finally walked past the gate of my apartment complex. It was an unusually hot day even for a city like Mumbai where the summers were cruel. The heat, the humidity, the fatigue was complemented by a heavy bag of groceries that I carried in my...

1 month ago

Accidental Adultery

After a fender bender the kindness of my new neighbour has me acting in a way a wife and mother never should.

I gripped the steering wheel of my SUV so tight my knuckles turned white. I was holding back my overwhelming desire to explode, and all I wanted was to scream out at the top of my lungs; I hate my life. I turned my head to look at my seven-year-old daught...

8 months ago

Being Photographed For Portfolio

Amateur photographer ends up having sex with neighbour as she modelled seductive photos

It was the end of a long day at the office. I flew in to Chicago on the early red eye flight to assist with a class action case. I only left the office at nine pm and dinner was take-away Sushi while walking back to the Sheraton. It’s now eleven pm and I...

9 months ago

Late Night Neighbourly Viewing

Back garden search light gave away their hot tub secret.

Ever since we moved into this house I have found our neighbour attractive. We occasionally talk at the front of our houses and pass post to each other when we have been out, but apart from that our interactions have been limited.  Last summer they purchas...

10 months ago

New Pony

A trans pony girl is ridden through a series of strange relationships

Today I am a pony girl, and will be ridden by Jenny. I don’t know Jenny that well and have only met her twice. She is my pal Liv’s girlfriend. Liv and I used to work together, and have been friends ever since, even though Liv got sacked for saying a colle...

1 year ago

One Friday Night

A teasing encounter with a mysterious woman, leads to an unexpected romance

It was late one Friday night and Brad's tube train was emptying out as the train crawled closer to the end of the line. It had been a long week and he had worked into the early hours on most days. The two beers he had had after leaving the office had gone...

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Sex With My Neighbour During Lockdown - Part 4

The sex gets better as the pressures of lockdown mount

  I was enjoying a lovely lunch with my neighbour and lover Ann and her daughter Tessa. We were sitting at the table in the dining room of my house. The French windows were open and the sights and sounds of the garden added to our sense of well being. The...

Sex with my neighbour during lockdown - part 3

The continuation of the lockdown adds to the pressures

My life during lockdown had taken an unexpected turn for the better, there was no denying it. I had started fucking my neighbour Ann. If that sounds crude, it is not meant to be, it is just an accurate description of what was happening. It had only happen...

Sex with my neighbour during lockdown - part 2

Two neighbours become even closer as the lockdown continues.

As the first signs of light filtered through the shutters in my bedroom, I began to stir. Suddenly I was very alert and I knew what had woken me. There was somebody in my house. I could clearly hear someone downstairs.  My mind began to race. Had either o...

Sex with my neighbour during lockdown

Two neighbours experience passion together under the pressure of the lockdown.

  The lockdown was entering its sixth week in London, like many I had been furloughed from my job and was staying home. I was luckier than some because I had a garden in which I was spending a great deal of time. London was also experiencing an unseasonab...

1 year ago

Mr Fixit Chapter 4

Adventures in a tartan skirt.

After our brief affair, Sandra and I reverted to being the good friends we were before. The banter between us could be construed by some as “heavy flirting” but the truth was we didn’t have to flirt with one another because the attraction between us had a...

1 year ago

A View Down

Answering a call for help brought rewards.

I could hear my wife on the phone, I didn't think anything of it even when she came to tell me she's been talking to Paula next door. I remember thinking how lazy to phone, she's only next door. My wife told me her daughter's bedroom light had stopped wor...

1 year ago

Mr Fixit Chapter 3

All fun things come to an end.

Sandra’s comment about my “playing with every club” puzzled me. Why wouldn’t I do everything that I could to make the game we were playing as much fun as possible?. I considered that she might be thinking that I was trying to show her how good a lover I c...

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