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1 month ago

Chapter 1: Cynthia’s First Outfit

The very beginning of my Crossdressing adventure.

It was playing on my mind all month. After returning to the single life, I spent the days wondering about the swift satisfaction I had wrapped in cute skirts and satin panties when I was living at home. Thankfully, I worked part-time in a cafe as a server...

2 months ago

Marooned, Chapter One

Daisy, nineteen years old, is marooned on a desert island with five men she does not know.

The Cessna 180 came down hard on the water, the waves causing it to buck and pitch. The landing might have been successful had not a pontoon brushed against an unseen outcrop of coral just below the water's surface. The airplane lurched onto its side, per...

Anonymous 3 months ago

My First Walk On The Wild Side

It was forty years ago when I first ventured out as Michelle.

It wasn't until I was in my mid-twenties that I plucked up the courage to leave the house dressed as a young woman. Initially, it was short walks to the end of our street (a relatively quiet suburban road in a relatively quiet town). My hair was fairly lo...

4 months ago

Tart of Gold

Love and sexy times for an older man and his prostitute friend.

I heard footsteps behind me, running. I turned to look and was grabbed. A hand came round and clamped over my mouth, the other one circled my waist. He must have been hiding behind a bush in one of the front gardens. I wriggled and struggled, but the arm...

5 months ago

The Request

An adventuring party's catgirl necromancer gets a bedtime spanking from the team's paladin.

Quiet nights are a rarity in this particular town, and one Amelie Belfrey is enjoying hers with her favourite method of some green tea and a good book, curled up by the fireplace as she listens to the wind howling outside. It’s a nice and domestic moment,...

6 months ago

Confessions of a West Palm Slut (Chapter 27)

A twenty-four-year-old woman moves to Florida and finds her way.

Over the next two weeks, Mark and I fucked four more times.  We had free reign of the house while Courtney was at work and I strategically had sex in any place I felt was vindictive and would hurt Courtney if she found out.    He fucked me missionary on t...

8 months ago

Summer Nights 1 (Us, For You)

Are you still waiting for love to arrive? I have news: Love doesn't arrive, you have to go get it

Part 1: Summer Nights 1 (Japan)   I never was a brave person. It’s not my fault, it’s my mind’s; the bastard enjoys sailing through every impossibility, repeating what I can’t do, what would happen if I fail and, above all, reminding me how horrible it is...

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11 months ago

Memories Of Him

A slip that cost him everything.

"Mind if I light a smoke?" he asked. "Isn't that what you came for in the first place?" she queried back. He chuckled, nervously fidgeting with the pack, checking one last time if anyone he knew was there like a teenager who'd dusted off his dad's stash o...

1 year ago

Not Taken, II

A man confronts his new life

I didn’t see him for weeks. It crossed my mind that he was avoiding me after pulling a no-show that night in Portland, but ultimately that was his call, not mine. I had other things on my mind, like “was I going to have to replace two of my sales people?”...

1 year ago

True Love Waits. Part 1.

When an western boy met an eastern girl - a romance.

By the cold blue light of the Winter moon, two small figures ran hand in hand into the undergrowth as the snow continued to fall all around them. The girl turned to her best friend and pressed a finger to her lips. Her younger companion nodded and huddled...

3 years ago

The List, Chapter 1

Wayside High School looks normal until a list comes...

Wayside High School may seem like your typical high school. Band geeks to athletes. Cheerleaders to dancers. So many in between. However, the one thing that set Wayside apart was a list. A mysterious list that became not-so-mysterious, evolved and evolved...

3 years ago

Confession Chapters 1 and 2

Stay at home mum, bored with life finds a new hobby.

Chapter One.   I was scrolling through Tumbler the other day and I stumbled on a confession page. There were people, all anonymously, giving confessions of some of their dirtiest and kinkiest deeds. It was interesting because they were all confessing abou...

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