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“She’s lovely you should ask her out,” she panted between moans. He pounded his cock effortlessly into her body as it lay prostrate over his work desk. “Fuck! I don’t know, she’s so different to you!” He replied in between heavy breaths. “Ask her out you...

1 week ago

The Gamer's Initiative

Tabletop gaming as foreplay? Quickie Sex Interlude to heal your Hit Points? Kiss the DM and find out...

“Does a fifteen hit?” The GM checked the stats on his notes. “It does not. And it is attacking you.” “Fuuck.” “What is your Armor Class?” “Fourteen.” The GM rolled dice while keeping his face neutral, Gaylor always had a very fine poker face. Both his par...

1 month ago

Kinky Kitchen Fun - Episode 10: Lunch On Me

He met his wife at home over his lunch hour and got a nice surprise!

“Leaving a little early today, Corey?” Corey stopped in his tracks and turned around to face Bret, his boss, who was hanging onto a cubicle wall while glancing at his watch. “Less than ten till,” Corey replied, looking at the wall clock that showed 11:52....

1 month ago

Sunday Evening Pt. 1

A quickie with my husband yesterday while the kids watched tv.

Woke up this morning with a sore pussy from the two poundings my husband gave it yesterday. We spent the afternoon at a kid's birthday party and it always makes me so hot knowing that all the dads are checking me out. I whispered to my husband that I want...

1 month ago

In the bathroom

A quick glance across a crowded bar, she makes a mad dash to the bathroom.

His dark eyes met hers from across the crowded bar, with just a glance she knew the countdown had started. She politely excused herself from the table grabbing her purse and made a quick dash to the empty bathroom. With each step her heartbeat pounded in...

2 months ago

Kinky Kitchen Fun - Episode 7: The Parents Visit

A couple moving their daughter into a new house reminisces about their first kitchen kink.

Harold and Ellen were up at first light on Saturday morning, spending a few minutes listening to songbirds enjoying the dawn in the unfamiliar backyard before heading inside in search of breakfast. Married twenty-nine years and having gone through a few s...

I wasn’t alone as the lift stopped between floors. The voice on the intercom said it would be fifteen minutes. Nervously, I looked at the man next to me and said. “Fifteen bloody minutes.” Smiling back, he said, “What shall we do for fifteen minutes?” I d...

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2 months ago

The Party - (Madison's POV)

Madison and Nicholas spend all night teasing each other until they're both hot and angry!

I was finishing applying a dark pink lipstick when I looked up to see Nick watching me. His gaze sent shivers down my spine; those ice blue eyes always seemed to be looking through me. I had finished my makeup for the evening. I wore eyeshadow for the fir...

2 months ago

Nun the Wiser

a horny nun really, really, really needs to cum. heaven have mercy...

He wore a paisley shirt. The nun watched as he ate his hot dog  And as he took one bite, squirted mustard all over himself He swore loudly as if his voice was just loud Unable to whisper The nun fingered her prayer beads under her habit,   The other hand...

3 months ago

What If We Get caught?

The tension at work has been high for weeks. Jessica sends me a text, begging for my cum.

"I need to taste your cum! You better not leave before you drain your balls in my mouth!" My eyes widen and I instinctively bite my bottom lip as I read the latest text sent by Jessica. My thumbs scramble to write her back quickly. "Holy fuck, you are goi...

3 months ago

After School Special

Mrs. Waltz wanted to eat something and juicy. I couldn't agree more.

"I want to eat something sweet and juicy to fill me up. How about you Dorion? ... Dorion," Mrs. Waltz asked.I shook my head and snapped back to reality. "Yeah, I'm hungry too," I replied.  I had been staring at the breasts of a woman old enough to be my g...

3 months ago

Before The Lights Go On

Sometimes you just have to watch the clock.

Thursday. "Five twenty-four." With a smile, Melanie read aloud the numbers displayed on the clock she had been watching. Light breaths and touches quickly gave way to heavy sighs and lustful gropes. His face rose to rejoin hers, having spent since 5:19 be...

3 months ago

Old Fashioned

“It’s much too hot for a coat in here, don’t you think?”

The man straightened his uniform jacket as he stood up front, giving the instructional video of what to do during the flight in case of emergency. It had become second nature to him as he had been a flight attendant for the past fifteen years. His face ha...

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