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Chapter 10: Helotism

Rachel has been captured by the creature and Ashley, will she escape or will she want to?

AshleyI stood leaning in the door frame looking at Rachel as she stared back at me, a tentacle wrapped around her ankle.  The shock, confusion, fear, and arousal flashed across her face.  Clearly, her mind was trying to understand what was...

StarBelliedBoy 3 weeks ago

Smita's Smitten Boy-Bitch

Ben becomes the boy-bitch he was born to be.

Tell Sir to fuck him good, Miss. The implications of those words sent to his phone from Beth were still making their way through Ben’s brain as his university tutor’s husband dropped his business trousers to reveal navy briefs, bulging at the crotch....

StarBelliedBoy 3 weeks ago

Smitten By Smita

Ben’s not the Messiah — he’s a very naughty boy!

“How do you like my wife’s cunt, boy?” Patrick growled in Ben’s ear, giving his left buttock a fifth spank. His hips thrust forward, with nowhere for the shockwave to go other than into Smita since Ben’s cock was still buried in her pussy, being milk...

techgoddess 1 month ago

The Sexual Education of Madison Parker - Part 4

Madison cuts loose and embraces all kinds of delightful acts in this final episode.

Madison Parker woke up absolutely giddy on the first day of Christmas break. Not only was her older sister Abigail home from college for the holidays, but so was their sexy neighbor Robert. Maddi still felt a little guilty that she hadn’t told her bo...

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elecombc 1 month ago

My Wife At The Stage In Okinawa 1996 Part 2

My sexy Asian wife was not as incognito as she thought she was as she was fingered by the crowd.

Part 2 A slow song started and the room hushed up except for the music. Was she going to come out or not? To me this was the do-or-die moment. Would she come out and strip in front of everyone? I remembered back to the time when I had secretly lifted...

LilCoffeeluvr111 1 month ago

The Voice - Chap 5

Jill had no idea that in relinquishing herself completely, she would find her true self as well.

I was nervous and uncomfortable, but I had to give this a try. I couldn’t bear the thought of losing Michael. Maybe this life wouldn’t end up being for me. But if I didn’t give him a chance to show me this world, I’d regret giving up so easily foreve...

elecombc 1 month ago

My Wife At The Stage In Okinawa 1996 Part 1

My sexy Asian wife was not as incognito as she thought she was as she was fingered by the crowd.

I got married in my early twenties when I was in the Air Force and that is when I started to have this fascination with watching guys ogle my wife. I knew my wife was very attractive, sexy and pretty but I didn't realize how much I enjoyed watching o...

TwistedEldritch 1 month ago

Floor 2: Clovehill Mortuary. Ch. 01

Erotic Fantasy LitRPG: Vix encounters a Howler.

A digital message flashes above the elevator door. 2ND FLOOR. CLOVEHILL VALLEY. ESCORT THE SCIENTIST TO SAFETY. Nice, an escort mission. The elevator doors part, revealing a gloomy cemetery with sickly white trees and gravestones overgrown with vines...

techgoddess 1 month ago

The Voice - Chapter 4

Jill allows herself to trust Michael, but is caught off guard when he takes things much farther...

I entered Michael’s house filled with a mix of arousal and trepidation. The evening had been so fantastic, and if it ended now, I’d be more than satisfied. But Michael wanted to show me more, push me further, take things to the next level. It was exc...

Tutordom 1 month ago

Trust Built Through Correction

Trust is so essential in a successful D/S relationship. Tough to build yet easy to destroy.

Trust is a word that gets tossed around a lot in the context of DS relationships but it's such an intangible and there is no set process in how to build or strengthen it. It can take ages to build and seconds to destroy. You know it when you have it,...

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