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1 week ago

The Bug that Got Me Mom CH. 04 of 04

The family can't control their forbidden desires.

In the middle of the night, Dawn awoke to her body shivering. The fire they had lay next to had died to glowing embers, and the chilly night air now blew across her naked body. Her body stirred as her bearings cleared, and as they did, she turned her head...

1 month ago

Catering At A Business Event Leads to Debauchery - Money Talks

Money talks. A cock is a cock, whether it’s my boyfriend’s cock or a stranger’s cock.

I'm a typical teenager. I just graduated from high school and still live at home. My name is Julie and I'm eighteen. My boyfriend, Bruce, is my high school sweetheart. We have been dating for three years and have been fucking for two years. I gave in to B...

3 months ago

Mila's Dare

Eighteen year old Mila teases a reluctant store assistant.

Friday morning. The store was quiet. A couple of people looking at kitchens. Furniture deserted. I was busy in beds, plumping the pillows when I heard a gentle cough. “Can I help you?” “I’m looking for a bed," she replied. “Queen size. Brass frame. For me...

6 months ago


Carla is humiliated by The Dragon. She gets off on it

Carla enjoyed playing hostess, she's a good cook with attractive curves. The smart, pretty, petite brunette with smooth olive skin had worked in London. Then she came into some money. A distant aunt and a surprising windfall, the unexpected bequest impact...

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7 months ago

Loving Moms: In The Dark Ch02

A Mother helps her son through a troubling time.

Mom definitely seemed overly excited as we drove to the bar, and I couldn't believe I was actually doing this with her. Mom held my arm as we approached the door, and I paid for both of our covers. We arrived just about the time Stacey was supposed to be...

7 months ago

Loving Moms: In The Dark Ch01

A Mother helps her son through a troubling time.

So there I was, standing at the doorway to our bedroom with flowers in my hand, watching some total stranger fuck the living shit out of my wife. It wasn't until she actually opened her eyes that she even considered stopping as this muscular white guy fuc...

7 months ago

Summer Fling Ch02

A boy has sex with his stepmother and then with his loving mother.

I fixed my shorts and went inside to change, and when I came back downstairs, I found Bethany in the living room waiting for me. "Tyler. Please, come here. I think we need to talk." "Okay," I said and sat next to her. "I think what we did was a mistake. W...

7 months ago

Summer Fling Ch01

A boy has sex with his stepmother and then with his loving mother.

"Okay, Mom. I've got all my stuff packed," I said as I made my way to the steps. I could tell my mom wasn't happy about my decision to spend my summer vacation with my father and stepmom in Indiana. But I was now eighteen, and I think she was worried I wo...

7 months ago

Mom's Lap Dance

A wife helps her husband have sex with his mother for the first time.

Hi, I'm Randy, and this is my twisted tale on family sex, better known as incest. It started two years ago when I was twenty-two. At that time, I had been married only a year to a beautiful, sexy woman whose profession happened to be a stripper. We met fo...

7 months ago

Loving Moms: Wildest Dreams Ch03

A Mother helps her Son's dreams become reality.

I scrunched down in my chair as I was in total disbelief. All that hard work for nothing. I had lost, and I regrettably knew it. I just sat there and looked at the paper while I felt myself slipping into a depressed state. The school bell rang, but I was...

7 months ago

Loving Moms: Wildest Dreams Ch02

A Mother helps her Son's dreams become reality.

The day before the fall break, Mom was waiting for me when I came home from school and asked that I sat next to her. Not sure what this was about, I took a seat next to her on the sofa, and she then informed me how the school had called once again, saying...

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