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Sensei 12 hours ago


Sue gains a new perspective on spanking

It was a fine line, Tom realized, between ogling the scene playing out in front of him and trying to not conspicuously look away. He was at a spanking party at the local BDSM dungeon, and in front of him a very petite college-age-looking girl was drape...

Nora Gets Submissive and Also Gets Her Car

Nora is almost too good at playing a role.

In August Nora asked me to meet her in a park near her Maspeth house, something we had never done before. I was sitting on a bench when she came up and stood in front of me. Her outfit was surprising; she had a white blouse, a dark blue skirt that w...

PJH 6 days ago

Perhaps You Should Spank Me - Part 2

Brad returns to Cheryl's house for more sex and this time it is she that gets a sore arse

Cheryl O'Rourke was on a high throughout most of Tuesday. She was on a high because of the sensational sex that the forty-nine-year-old had had overnight with nineteen-year-old Brad Everett and also because Brad was returning at seven in the evening fo...

I asked my husband if there was anything new he would like to try in the bedroom. He confessed he always wanted to try spanking. I told him that I was worried about the pain. He said that the sexual enjoyment I'd receive would be greater than the pa...

PJH 1 week ago

Perhaps You Should Spank Me

A young man makes a suggestion to a mature woman and it leads to a great fuck

Cheryl O'Rourke's heart was racing because Brad Everett was due to be arriving at her house very soon. She was not absolutely certain that Brad had been serious in what he had said and she found herself hoping both that he was serious and that he wasn'...

DonnaCupcake 1 week ago


I thought it was a job interview. But She was something else

Miss is beautiful and she is judging me. Black latex clings to Her flesh and highlights every curve of her figure, and the opening displays delicious cleavage. I came to interview for a bookkeeping job. Mistress did not tell me Miss Avignon was a Domi...

PJH 2 weeks ago

The Ladies Fashion Shop - Part 2

Three mature women get together for a night of lesbian sex and spanking and caning

That morning, fifty-eight-year-old Malaika Kapoor had received a requested caning from her lover of the night before, Jane Blackwood, who was aged forty-eight. Jane had been visiting the town on business and after her day's business activities, she...

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LordCephius 2 weeks ago

A Lady And Her Maid

A young woman learns the joy of disciplining her maid.

Patience came swirling in, her green gown billowing out as she spun from foot to foot. With her arms around an imaginary partner, Patience circled each table and chair as she danced across the room. Patience’s humming of the last piece rousted Anne...

Peter242 2 weeks ago

Case Proven

Dave’s girlfriend wanted to spank him, but didn’t believe that ever actually happened.

Nineteen-year-old Jessie was fed up with the way Dave, her boyfriend, put himself first all the time. She liked him a lot and was sure he liked her although it did seem a bit strange because he was forty-two years old. One of Dave’s most annoying featu...

hornyhoneybunny 2 weeks ago

A Deep Connection

“Careful baby girl, don’t forget who is in control.”

You wrap your hands around my waist, your strong fingers digging into my soft full hips, as you pull me roughly against you. I tip my head back, reaching up to lock my arms around your neck, your 6’2” stature towering over my 5’5” frame. Half of your f...

techgoddess 1 month ago

Hit Me With That Bible Belt

I had no idea how corrupt a straight-laced, southern gentleman in the Bible Belt could be.

My father was a member of the Army National Guard, so my family moved around a lot while I was growing up. After my mother passed away when I was twelve, we started moving yearly. I’m pretty sure that was Daddy’s way of coping with trying to dull the p...

AliceNorth 1 month ago

At the Top Pt. 5 - Plain Pride - Clare

A well-dressed girlfriend visits her disciplinarian after her behavior crosses the line

Steering his Mercedes through morning traffic, Mark smiled at Clare. “That outfit is dynamite.” Discarded on their kitchen floor last Friday, it thrilled him she'd recycled the stunning multicolored micro skirt. Clare smiled. Woven-colored lines dec...

Elithecatfish 1 month ago

Doctor's Orders

A horny nurse and doctor imagine getting caught fucking and assplaying in the dictatation room.

"Imagine that we're on the same shift and run into each other at work. We're both in our scrubs and find an empty dictation room in the hospital. I have you bent over the table fucking you in the ass when someone walks in because we never locked the do...

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