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3 weeks ago

A Familiar Caress

On Halloween night, a young woman meets a black cat who is more than he seems.

“And now, just to add the eyes of some children!” I cackled as I dropped the peeled grapes into the bubbling concoction. As the fruit hit the top of the dark, gooey liquid, the fog machine beneath the table bubbled to life at the prompt of a hidden pedal,...

3 weeks ago

Aphrodite's Grimoire: Chapter 6: Zenith

A magical tale of transformation, passion, and debauchery

For want of a nail, the kingdom was lost. For want of the key, the doors remained locked. Try as I might, on the following day, the next, and the next, until the days became weeks, book two of Aunt Grace’s grimoire was pure gibberish. The cosmic carrot da...

1 month ago

In the Shadow's Embrace

A young woman is approached by a creature who has been watching her from the shadows.

His shaded eyes linger on her, unaware of her observer hidden in darkness and secrets. In the shadow of the abandoned church, she sings a soft song. She is here later than usual, past the hours of daylight and into the early reaches of evening. The full m...

1 month ago

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

Something unexpected came with the old house...

Tap. Tap Tap. I heard it but was trapped in that foggy, disorienting state between sleep and consciousness. A voice inside my head kept urging me to wake up even though my eyelids weighed heavily, fighting me. Finally, they fluttered open, and I strained...

2 months ago

Magical Incest Chapter 5 of 5: The Hex

A son and mother unite after being tricked with a spell.

Quickly, Dean changed into his swim trunks and met his waiting mother at the doorway."We had better hurry," he heard her say as he glanced over her sexy figure.Macey wore a thin yellow swim dress that was tied at her waistline. Her head was covered with a...

2 months ago

What Dwells Within, Chapter 1: Dream House

Wife feeling mysterious urges in their brand new house

"Ready?" Ali asked with excitement as she looked out of the passenger window as they pulled up in front of their new house. Scott looked over at his wife and gave her knee a little squeeze. "Yep, we finally made it. It'll be a long couple of days getting...

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2 months ago

Magical Incest Chapter 4 of 5: The Talisman

A Mystic helps a son fulfill his darkest desire.

Come the following day, Dean awoke with a raging boner. The imaginary masturbation session he had with his mother last night still danced in his brain as he rose from his bed. Dean, half-awake, staggered his way to the bathroom. But before he got there, h...

3 months ago

Magical Incest Chapter 3 of 5: The Black Mirror

A son seduces his mother in her dreams.

The following day when Dean met his mother for breakfast, he asked, "So how did you sleep?" His mother looked at him and, with a smile, teasingly replied, "Oh, I had a lovely rest. I feel so refreshed today. How about you?" "Oh… I guess I can say the same...

3 months ago

Magical Incest Chapter 2 of 5: Oily Love

A son seduces his mother with a magical back rub.

As Dean awoke the next morning, he questioned his moral compass. After reading the incest story, it was apparent that a hidden demon had awoken and caused him to see his mother in a different light. But now that it was out, could he find the strength to c...

3 months ago

Magical Incest Chapter 1 of 5: The Black Candle

A son finds a magical way to seduce his mother.

This story I'm about to tell you isn't going to be your typical type of taboo story where a mother falls into the dark desire of having a sexual and lusting relationship with her son, or vice versa, for that matter. No, this story hinges on something even...

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