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Taboo sex stories relate to the restrictions placed on sexual activities and relationships (sex outside of marriage, adultery, intermarriage).

Often the term is used for incestuous relationships. We accept incest stories (where the characters are blood relatives), however they need to go into the “Incest” category.

We will delete extreme hardcore taboo stories which break our site rules. Please use your common sense and judgement as to what might be deemed highly offensive to the average reader!


A Touch of Silk -- Part 2 of 2

The rest of the story of Brad and his older stepsister...

“Get a divorce.” “Yes, right,” she said. “I need to do that. I will. I promise.” ---- A few days later, Ethan and Maggie had a meeting at the store with a new vendor making a sales pitch. After the sales rep left, they talked about a couple other issues, then Ethan changed the subject. “What’s up with you and Brad?” her father asked nonchalantly, taking Maggie by surprise. “Huh? Why do...Read On


How Did We Even Get Here? Chapter 4

Frankie reveals the motive of her visit.

Normally, Bill wouldn’t mind the peace and quiet of the drive home, but the stagnancy was overwhelming. Dreary classical music whispered over the radio set and Frankie remained slumped, only looking down or through the window. When he asked about Dante again, still no response was offered, so he played along and allowed the silence to hang. After they parked and entered the house, only when...Read On


Seven Years and Two Days

Sam's wife chooses a big one, cuckolds Sam.

Sam lost his wife to a long-time friend and his friend’s buddy on their anniversary, which was the previous night. He was enticed into a bet by Kyle when they played cards, and Sam lost. Sam had known Kyle had a thing for Melissa, his wife but he believed the marriage was rock solid. The stakes were that Sam would stand back and let Kyle attempt to seduce Melissa. Sam had hoped for her...Read On


How Did We Even Get Here? Chapter 3

Amanda receives a tempting offer. Frankie continues to impose her will on Bill.

“Give Scott my gamer tag.” Frankie lay prone while playing her new gaming console, and swept the carpet in a scissors motion with her legs. All that covered her was a snug white tee that was barely a few inches past her bum. Whenever her legs came together, the tee fell into her crack, highlighting two freshly baked buns ready for a proper stuffing. “What is that again?” Bill went to sit...Read On


A Touch of Silk -- Part 1 of 2

After many years, Brad finally gets to really know his older stepsister

Brad was heading to his parent's house for Thanksgiving. Even though it was a seven-hour drive, he tried to make it back home several times a year to visit for a few days, to see his mom and stepfather, and catch up with friends. He worked as a park ranger and lived in a remote outpost in a national forest, and although he loved the woods and the solitude and the peacefulness of the...Read On


Teaching the Teacher

someone had to tell the man.

"Umm, hey, Mr. B." I heard a voice say as my class was leaving.  My thoughts were on two important things.  First, I desperately needed to go to the faculty restroom and second, it was finally lunchtime! "What's up?" I asked, looking up at one of my favorite students at the Community College where I taught.  Her name was Emily and she was a delight to be around.  We'd known each other...Read On


My Student Chapter 16

Planning a party.

I led Bobby through the crowded corridor, my face covered in cum from the principal and his assistant. I had sucked three cocks this morning and it was only nine o’clock. I enjoyed the cum that they were feeding me but I had neglected my pussy long enough. I had Bobby for the next hour and I was not worried about getting caught. Bobby wanted it and I wanted his huge dick in me. I was almost...Read On


Not Exactly A Fair Trade

An older woman offers her soon to be step-daughter a sexy trade.

"Mom?" she asked, coming into the living room. "Morgan, I don't know what you're about to ask for, but the answer is no." "Come on, Whitney, hear your daughter out," I said, peeking at her. She shot me a dirty look and glanced at Morgan. "What is it, Morgan?" Morgan swallowed. "Mom, this can count as my entire birthday and Christmas presents this year, so may I have $700 for a trip...Read On


How Did We Even Get Here? Chapter 2

After Bill finds himself in an awkward position, Frankie decides to take advantage.

“I asked you a question, motherfucker.” Bill remained mute. “Nothing to say?” Still no response. Attempt number one to step past her failed as she blocked him on the left. Attempt number two fared no better as she blocked him on the right. “Don’t wanna say anything?” She folded her arms and squinted. “Alright, let’s see what mom thinks of this.” “Frankie, wait. Frankie, please.”...Read On


How Did We Even Get Here? Chapter 1

A young lady's vacation plan, leads to an unexpected situation for her step-father.

Bill Lorde propped on his elbows, grinding away at his wife’s insides. Amanda Lorde lay underneath, wincing and whispering, ‘I love you’ in between kisses and her approaching climax. “Oh God… Oh God,” Bill strained as he nestled his head next to Amanda’s and their sweaty bodies reached a simultaneous peak of release. When the deed was done, he rolled off and they lay panting; turning...Read On


Professor Lola G-spot And Aila

How a teenage girl is helped by science

“What are you reading, darling?” “I’ve been researching my orgasms, Mum. You know the way I keep passing out when making love. Some sites say it’s like a sensory overload – my body just can’t take so much stimulation.” Mum strokes Aila’s shoulder. “You mean like that time on Tuesday after the swimming lesson when you just checked out in the changing room?” “Yes, Mum, it's so embarrassing....Read On


Looking Out for the Neighbors

Neighbor plays matchmaker for a young man and his step-aunt.

My tongue was planted firmly in his cheek as he banged me. I made it a rule that if his cock was in my cunt, his tongue was in my mouth. While I do like kissing and fucking and kissing while fucking, the rule was in place just to be a rule. I had different rules for the different men in the cul-de-sac. In Rick’s case, I set it up because he liked to talk during sex. If I wanted conversation,...Read On


My Student Chapter 15

School is back in session, so is the sex

Monday morning. Bobby had just gotten out of bed. I was finishing up my makeup and dressing when he walked into my bedroom, naked of course, his limp eleven inches swinging between his legs. Standing behind me, he smiled in the mirror. His body was muscular and lean. Big for his seventeen years. Six feet tall and good-looking. We had had a fun weekend but we had to go to school today.  I...Read On


My Student Chapter Fourteen

Angel teases her neighbor and helps Bobby get what he wants.

Dinner was welcome and delicious. It's too bad I wouldn't be ordering from them again. Just too dangerous. I liked the cum, and Joe had a very unusual cock, but... Bobby was finishing his dinner and took some shrimp from my plate. I couldn't believe how hungry he was.  “You need me to order something else?” I laughed.  He looked up at me with a smile. ”Another quart of that cum, and a pizza.”...Read On

Recommended Read

Stepsibling Rivalry

Two stepsiblings are drawn to each other later in life, for two very different reasons...

Adam stared below him as each thrust was mesmerizingly swaying the brunette’s supple tits.  The fact that he was repeatedly ball-deep in his bitchy stepsister, Holland, made him achingly harder.  Glancing to his left, his fiancée Mia stood in green lace thong panties, intently watching her husband-to-be, giving his stepsister the raw fucking of her life.  Holland, confused but lost in her...Read On


No Strings Attached - The Christmas Rift Pt 2 - Chapter 28

Series: No Strings Attached

Matthew is put into a difficult situation.

The following day on Christmas Eve, I don't see Liam in the morning, with him deciding to leave early to avoid me. With our plan to spend the holiday together ruined, I mope around in bed, listening to music on my headphones. Obsessively, the argument replays in my head, and I'm left wondering if it could have turned out differently. As much as I love him, I wish we had never met. I've...Read On


Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda

A young intern makes bad choices

She should’t have. Brianne shouldn’t have worn that dress. Not to a business event. A slinky black slip dress with a plunging neckline and side boob? Her 34Cs just hanging out there on display? Really? A Vegas club? Sure. The frat date party it was purchased for? OK. But the Summer Intern Thank You Party? Poor choice.   The second martini before dinner was probably a mistake. But her boss...Read On


Seduction of Daddy

Gretchen gets what she came for

I get it, but I don’t get how you could just change your mind,” I snapped into the phone. I didn’t mean to be harsh with her but after seeing Shyan with her baby it made me want one a child of my own. “There is no need to discuss it any further,” I said softer to her and hung up the phone. “Daddy, is everything ok?” I heard Shyan softly say behind me. “Yes, and no, Shyan,” I answered her....Read On


Oh, Fuck It, Let's Have Sex

Even though it was wrong, a SMILF does something that felt so right.

"I'm getting ready to go out," I sang, brushing my hair while looking at myself in the mirror. "My hubby blew off our last two date nights, and we're finally gonna go out. He promised he wouldn't watch the game and take his wife out." A minute later, I heard a knock on the door. "That must be him, come in," I said, failing to look at the door. I heard it creak open a tad, but heard no words....Read On


More Than A Neighbor

Bret's neighbor needs more than a shoulder to cry on...

About a year ago a newlywed couple, Nick and Sarah moved into the neighborhood.  They bought the vacant house next to me. Sarah was tall, redhead, and quite sexy. Over the year, we became close friends.  We had dinners at each other’s houses.  We hosted neighborhood parties at my house.  I was the only one on the block to have a pool. Nick and I became close friends.  We both loved to go to...Read On


Jan’s A Bad Mom pt5

Series: Jan Is A Bad Mom

Jan finally let's Judy in on the action!

Jan Is A Bad Mom pt 5   After some world class pestering, Judy finally convinced Jan to help her get in on what was happening. The next time the boys were due to come over, they would be ready for them.   When the boys came over later that week, Jan was laying out in her teeny tiny red bikini that left little to the imagination. The boys all smiled when they saw her laying there...Read On


Teen Neighbor Girl Loves Mature Cocks and Oral Sex

I become fascinated with my teenage neighbor girl and end up having sex with her an her slut mom.

My name is Ryan, and my wife, Karen, and I moved to Charleston at the age of forty-four, after having lived in Atlanta since graduating from college. I have a degree in mechanical engineering and, after a long career working as an engineer, I moved to Charleston to begin my career as a manufacturer’s representative. Karen, with her degree in education and years of experience teaching, got a...Read On


Dear Cum - Merino Sparkles

Series: Dear Cum

Everyone has problems. I do my best to help.

I thought we were quite done with these, but it seems that my publishers, 'The Daily Heil Publications Corporation', have a different opinion. We batted it back and forth for a few days without reaching much of a conclusion so they sent a couple of their brown-shirted and heavy-booted 'representatives' around to pay me a visit. Well, after a completely unjustifiable trampling of my hyacinths...Read On



The Pinnacle of Award Winning Porn

“Mmm, I just love cock up my cunt. My freshly shaved pussy’s so fucking wet right now, masturbating in the bath. Dirty-talking while I ram my long nails in and out my tight teenage cookie. Mmm... six-inch stilettos are so fucking sexy, warping my feet while they dangle out the tub. Oh— ooh! Fuck, gonna squirt, fill the whole fucking tub with my love juice!” “Step-sister, what are you doing?”...Read On


The In-Laws Help Daughter-In-Law To Get Pregnant - Part Four

Gina was starting to wonder why she wasn't getting pregnant.  She had sex with her father-in-law, her father, and Andy, and Steven.  All the men dropped their semen into Gina, but she was never getting pregnant. Gina knew that she was fertile but was starting to wonder if they lied and had vasectomies.  She hated going to bed with Andy and Steven.  They were so unattractive, and having sex...Read On


Holly Was Naked

Holly’s resemblance to her mother awakens both memories and desires

Holly was naked. I stood in the doorway of my home office, momentarily entranced by the sight. My goddaughter looked back at me from the bathroom doorway. Her expression looked a bit like a deer caught in headlights. I ducked back into the office and shut the door. The bathroom door slammed shut as well. “It’s okay. I’m in the office with the door closed,” I called out. “Thank you,”...Read On


Fun With My Step-Mum

My step-mum's discovery led to a one-off brief sex session

My step-mother would have been in her mid-forties by the time I was nineteen. I thought her quite attractive and I had noticed that men used to give her the odd lustful glance. She had kept in good shape with a fairly narrow waist and a nice bum. I had never taken much interest in women’s breasts at that time but I had noticed hers, which weren’t overly large. I don’t think I had ever looked...Read On

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“Don’t wait up for me,” mom said, slamming the door behind her before she could finish her sentence, her voice muffled from the other side. I sighed and grabbed the bag of popcorn from the microwave, the corners hot on my fingers. Muttering under my breath, I tore open the bag and upended it into a bowl, a waft of popcorny, buttery steam hitting me in the face. The movie started as I sat...Read On


Jake Makes Love To Dorothy A Much Older Woman

Dorothy Owens needed to get a gift card for a friend's birthday.  She drove over at three o'clock and walked into the restaurant.  The hostess took her information and told her to wait in the bar area while working on the gift certificate. She had a small talk with the bartender and asked for water with lemon.  She noticed two younger men who were about the age of her grandsons.  She smiled...Read On


Created Online Consummated In A Hotel Room

Online chat had gone as far as it could, and now they were to meet

Ray Fletcher was aged fifty-eight and was in a totally sexless marriage to Sally. They lived together and ate together but now slept in separate rooms. Ray had never been physically unfaithful to Sally, nor she to him, but Ray had gotten deeper and deeper into online relationships with various females and now, as he was in a room on his own, often masturbated late at night whilst in contact...Read On

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