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Teen sex stories are those which feature teenagers, 16 years old and over, having sex and performing other sexual acts. They may be stories of first time fumblings, senior school prom quickies, teens losing their virginity and other tales of innocence lost during teenage years.


The Flirt - A Heather Story - Part 14

Series: The Flirt - A Heather Story

Everyone knows about the baby now. Heather can't get MORE pregnant.

Kim was right about the hormones. One day I'm kissing another girl, and the next I am repulsed by the thought of anyone even touching me. Poor CJ and Daddy. They are unfortunately stuck on the roller coaster with me.  My dad demonstrated the real meaning of grace when I was finally alone with him. I had hurt him, there was no denying that. But he maintained his empathetic temperament,...Read On


Mutual Benefits Chapter Six

The most popular girl in school asks the shy nobody to be her study buddy.

It definitely wasn’t just wishful thinking, nor a coincidence – Taylor and I were seeing each other more and more. We went from seeing each other once a week and maybe doing something sexually at the end of the study session, to seeing each other once every two days or so, with at least half of our time spent with our tongues busy working on one another. “Mmmh,” Taylor moaned as she engulfed...Read On


The Flirt - A Heather Story - Part 13

Series: The Flirt - A Heather Story

Heather tells CJ and their parents the shocking news.

"No," I said out loud to the astonishingly pale girl in the mirror. "No," I repeated sadly, looking at the little red line on my pregnancy test. "What have you done, Heather?" Did you really think that sort of thing wouldn't happen to YOU? The angry girl in the mirror asked, cruelly.  I had a gnawing suspicion when I woke up after the last night of our Spring Break trip. My ill feeling...Read On


The Flirt - A Heather Story - Part 12

Series: The Flirt - A Heather Story

Skiing and sex over Spring Break.

It seemed like Spring Break would never get here. The chalet in Breckenridge, while not as enormous as Shale Rock, was still a huge place. CJ and I were set up across the house from his parent's bedroom. He told me his mom would probably not care about us sharing a room, but his dad insisted we at least keep up appearances by putting us in separate rooms.  "I can't believe they let us...Read On


The Flirt - A Heather Story - Part 11

Series: The Flirt - A Heather Story

CJ feeds Heather after dinner with their parents

"What was THAT about?" CJ asked, smiling and spent. The whole thing with Kim, my soaking wet panties, and total bewilderment of which way my sexual compass was pointing, started a raging fire that was only extinguishable by immediate, masculine penetration from my boyfriend. "I had a...strange day," I admitted, flatly, catching my breath and relaxing in the afterglow of fulfillment.  CJ set...Read On

Recommended Read

No Strings Attached - An Education In Sex - Chapter 1

Series: No Strings Attached

The first chapter

It's Halloween, and I stand in front of my mirror, considering my physique as I button up my black shirt, dressing to impress. It's been three weeks since I broke up with Ruth, and after much agonising, I'm finally ready to make my move. Tonight I plan to be honest about my feelings and tell Justin exactly what I think about him. I've practised what I want to say repeatedly in my head...Read On


Old Farmers/Young Girls

Post-apocalyptic story: city girls marry old farmers for safety from roving gangs in cities

Kelly had moved to Kansas City for a good secretarial job. Her dad had passed away and then her mom. There was nothing left for her in Junction City, Kansas. She had liked her new life of dating, drinking, dancing. She was a virgin. As her mom told her, "It's your one bargaining chip, don't give it away."  She had endured many back seat wrestling matches but had held out. She had learned how...Read On


The Flirt - A Heather Story - Part 10

Series: The Flirt - A Heather Story

Kim makes a seductive play at Heather

"So?" Kim asked, smiling. "How was it?" "How was what?" I shook my head absently, finishing a term paper for my English & Literature class. The showroom was empty because of the weather. Rain definitely shuts our dealership down. Fortunately, my boss lets me use the time to do school work. I had a feeling my writing assignment was good enough to call it finished. I also had a feeling Kim...Read On


Jack In The Box Ch. 6

Series: Jack In The Box

Wrapping Up The Weekend

The four of them rode up the elevator. Jack had his arm around both girls and took turns kissing Kit and Sylvia while Logan looked on a little crestfallen.  "Don't worry, Logan; you'll get your chance later," Kit said to him.  Logan hoped she meant with the girls, but the look in her eyes made him uncertain, especially when Jack winked at him. As soon as the elevator stopped, Jack led...Read On


The Flirt - A Heather Story - Part 9

Series: The Flirt - A Heather Story

Heather tells Daddy about CJ, then relives her previous encounter... alone.

"OK. I'll admit it. CJ is pretty impressive," Daddy said, clearing the dinner dishes from the table. I smiled. I knew Daddy would like CJ if he met him. My dad has been pretty critical of the boys I'd hung out with in the past. I knew he thought none of them were good enough for me. Typical, I guess, for dads to feel that way.  CJ did a good job handling Daddy's surgically precise...Read On


The Flirt - A Heather Story - Part 8

Series: The Flirt - A Heather Story

Heather the afterglow.

Wow, I thought. I don't think I have ever been so physically tired. But I also don't think I've ever been more mentally, emotionally, spiritually existent. Is this just my "first time" experience? Or is it more than that? Is this what it feels like to be in love? I had pushed the notion of love out of my mind, trying not to think like a little girl living in a fairy tale. I didn't want...Read On


The Flirt - A Heather Story - Part 7

Series: The Flirt - A Heather Story

Making love is an act.

I told you my parents would adore you, CJ texted. What did they say? I asked in a text response. Well, my mom said you are delightful. Honestly never even heard her use that word before.  Tell her I said she's delightful too! Your dad give you any more lectures about my age? No, CJ answered. He just said you seem like a 22-year-old with 16-year-old skin. LOL Well, YOU are...Read On


Mach 1 With Kelly

Kelly swallowed a load so I could have a ball!

It was early August of 1977. I was friends with the daughter of the local new car dealer. She had graduated from high school in June. Kelly and I were going to be seniors in the fall, but I had hung out with a number of people in the Class of ’77. Jenny lived in pretty nice digs. Large house, inground pool, four-car attached garage. Jenny threw a big party, mostly because she and many...Read On


Camgirl Confidential - Pt. 3

Series: Camgirl Confidential

Sophie goes to a bra fitting, and gets in touch with her inner bad girl.

“32K!” Sophie said. “What?” Rob asked. “32K,” she said, with quiet excitement. “That’s what the fitting woman said… like, that’s what size bra I should look at.” “Oh, Soph,” Rob said. “Wow, that’s, uh…” “Amazing, right?” she nearly whispered. “Are you okay?” Rob asked. “Why are you whispering?” “It’s fine,” Sophie said. “The fitting lady is just over there, I just… well, I don’t want...Read On


The Flirt - A Heather Story - Part 6

Series: The Flirt - A Heather Story

Going down.

"That sure was a fancy ride you left in the other day," Bryce teased. "You didn't tell us it was prom night!" "Oh, you're funny, Bryce! Write that joke yourself?" "That one might have been Harp's. We were laughing our ASSES off!" "Looks like it grew back, to me," I suggested. "Making you," I said, flipping him off, "just a bigger asshole."  I heard the double doors of the showroom...Read On


The Flirt - A Heather Story - Part 5

Series: The Flirt - A Heather Story

Heather opens up to CJ, in more ways than one.

"Do you like the lasagna?" CJ asked "Oh my God. It's amazing!" I answered. "Tell your chef, it's the best I've ever had." "OK. I know you're making fun, because you know I didn't cook it," CJ said, soberly. Then he glanced at our server, dismissing him. "Of course you didn't cook it. And if we were at my house, I wouldn't be cooking it either," I laughed. "Stouffer's would be!" I held up...Read On


The Flirt - A Heather Story - Part 4

Series: The Flirt - A Heather Story

CJ advances his pursuit of Heather in the other-world of his swimming pool.

Hair up? Hair down? Ponytail? I pleaded with the girl in the mirror to give me a break with the indecisiveness. Fuck it. He won't see anything except my bathing suit anyway. Ponytail, it is. When I emerged from the changing room, CJ was pushing some buttons on a wall panel. "I usually close these," he said, as the window coverings descended. As soon as the room was light-tight, the...Read On


The Flirt - A Heather Story - Part 3

Series: The Flirt - A Heather Story

Heather gets dinner... and more.

I had a great time tonight. Really hope to see you again soon, CJ texted, as soon as I got home. No chance! I replied. Really?? Yes. I don't go out with guys who don't share the story about their VERY personal car choice decision over dinner, then feel me up in the back of a limo! NEVER!  Never? Well. Almost never, I texted, attaching a laughing emoji. Maybe something...Read On


Toni takes two cocks in her tight teenage pussy

Girls want to be taken and fucked hard, don't they?

Toni was very cute. She had long blonde hair and blue eyes and a perfect pair of big tits. By this stage, her eyeliner was smudged and running down her cheeks. Her makeup was smeared with a mixture of tears and drool. She rubbed her hand up and down the big hard cock in front of her. Another man was positioning himself behind her as she knelt on all fours on the bed. She gazed up at the...Read On


The Flirt - A Heather Story - Part 2

Series: The Flirt - A Heather Story

Heather meets CJ

I got to work and immediately went into the shop area to get Bryce's stupid apology out of the way. Harp was back there, wiping down a sick-looking custom bike.  "Wow!" I said. "What a cool bike! Who's is it?" "Customer's," Harp replied, not looking at me. "Bryce is in Kim's office. They're waiting for you." "Ugh. Whatever," I groaned, heading down the hall to our Office Manager's office....Read On


Masturbating With My Classmates Before College

The group are about to move on to college, so it's time for a special last session together

Our weekly masturbation sessions had a really nice vibe to them. They always started with solo pleasure while watching each other, then we would naturally pair off and have sex. Samantha and my best friend Tiff were now girlfriends, while Jack and Steven were boyfriends. I'd recently brought in Thomas to make up an even number of six. We weren't a couple, but we'd had sex a few...Read On


The Flirt - A Heather Story - Part 1

Series: The Flirt - A Heather Story

Heather is The Flirt. And she's got men right where she wants them.

Most men are flirts. I guess the same is true for girls, but not as overtly. And we're certainly more discriminating. Guys my age, or maybe a few years older, will typically use some play with a wingman, or have a gimmick they've mastered to give them some mock persona or confidence. Some gimmicks can be very clever, but it helps if they actually have other attractive qualities - great...Read On


Caitlin (Part 4)


The night that things got out of control and went farther than I ever imagined they'd go, I was left with a sense of wanting so much more. Caitlin and I had been talking, joking, having a good time, doing some harmless flirting, and that evening she'd gone upstairs, leaving me hard as a rock, horny as hell, and masturbating like a horny fool in my living room watching porn. When I...Read On


Mutual Benefits Chapter Five

The most popular girl in school asks the shy nobody to be her study buddy.

Mother could hold a grudge. “What are you gonna tell Taylor?” Kevin asked as we walked together towards the front doors of the school. “You’re gonna need to think of a good way to put it. Saying, ‘Hey Taylor, sorry, can’t study with you this week, my mommy grounded me’ isn’t gonna do wonders for your sex life with her.” I shook my head. “Can you stop saying that, please?” I asked him with...Read On


Thanksgiving The Next Year

A year had passed since Donna and I had our interlude at her house on Thanksgiving Day.  We’d crossed paths several times but had never gotten together again.  Apparently, her husband, John, had experienced some sort of epiphany not long after that day.  He was sober and treating her like the treasure she is.  She laughed when she told me of her shock the first time that he cleared the...Read On


1979: Beth I Hear You Calling

How A Goofball Got Laid, In Spite Of Himself!

The Place : Helix High School, San Diego area The Cast : Beth Wilson aka Beth, Lizbeth Jim Hanson aka Jay Are (JR), Junior, The Junior (and the storyteller!) Cathy Thomas, friend of Beth Doug Russell, aka Rowdy Mike Julius aka Doctor J Alan Julius aka Little J, Little Dipshit Steve Danner aka “D”, Big D Byron Roberts aka Fleabag Amazing inventions of 1979 Sony Walkman —...Read On


Jack In The Box Ch. 5

Series: Jack In The Box

Pool Party Celebration

After the track meet ended, all the school athletes returned to the hotel. Everyone gathered at the pool, except for the teens from the closer schools who had departed already. The pool deck wasn't as crowded as last night, and the mood was jubilant. Jack was the hero of the night, and more than one girl came onto him, offering an opportunity to fuck them; Jack never said no, but he never...Read On


Stranded for Christmas

Andy's car breaks down on way home for Christmas breqk

Chapter 1 It is about 8 pm and Andy is heading home from college.  She decided to go to school a few hours from home so that she had some freedom.  Her parents didn't have a lot of money so what little they did save went towards school for Andy.  This meant when she graduated from high school her parents had given her their old car for her to take back and forth to school.  It was an older...Read On


Jack In The Box Ch. 4

Race Day and a new beginning.

Kit woke early and admired Jack's naked athletic body as he slept soundly in her bed. Last night, while Logan and Sylvia were having sex, they quietly snuck off. She and Jack talked late into the night and discussed her desire for rough sex. It wasn't a pretty story, and she was lucky to have survived the ordeal that marked her psyche for life. Then, Jack shared his personal turmoil, and...Read On


Camgirl Confidential Pt. 2

Series: Camgirl Confidential

Sophie gives in to her impulses in the dorm shower.

Sophie woke up the following morning, still totally clothed, on top of her sheets. The first thing she did was check her account, to make sure that she hadn’t dreamed the previous night. Pulling her laptop onto her lap, she lay back, stunned, as she looked over the numbers. There was $709.00 waiting to be transferred into her account. Overnight, she had gone from zero to 551 followers. And...Read On

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