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True Stories

True sex stories, are those which feature real stories, either experienced by the author, or those they've been party to or told about.

They could be tales of one-night stands, dating site hook-ups, blind dates, house parties, first time swinging experiences, free for all hippie sex romps.

Stories submitted to this category, should be inspired by actual real events, and are deemed to be true.

5 hours ago

Hot Fling in Cyprus

While vacationing in Cyprus I had a hot fling with a Greek stud, and more.

A few years ago, I vacationed at Coral Bay in Cyprus. I had just turned forty, divorced, and with my long red hair, firm breasts, and long sexy legs I was still turning heads. On my first night there, I was enjoying my cocktail in the hotel bar. There was...

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I woke up in excruciating pain. My back muscles were locking up as I lay on my side facing the wall. My phone, which was nearly out of batteries, showed it was past midnight. I had slept over twelve hours. I struggled to roll onto my back and when I final...

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4 days ago

Pumpkin spice latte and cinnamon muffins

Just a little nostalgic snippet from my soft cookies recipe book.

I love all the seasons: summer for its fun beach days and the warm sun rays recharging one’s soul; winter for its beautiful scenery, when the world is covered with fresh snow and for all the winter sports; spring for the flowers, bees, and the scent of na...

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1 week ago

Adventures at an American Summer Camp Chap. 2

Rufus explains his actions, and Liz visits London.

Rufus and I were much closer after the adventure above the river with Liz. We never really discussed the happenings of that day canoeing in any great detail, but we did give one another funny looks when certain things came up in conversation. However, I d...

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3 weeks ago

Chapter 2: Naked Dreams & Seduction

Nika's search for her Mistress' killer requires her to seduce a cop

Once again, I was wearing my prettiest outfit, with the almost-translucent blouse and the skirt that I had shortened, held together with tape and staples. Once again, I went to the bar in the expensive hotel, hoping to get picked up by a high-roller – and...

3 weeks ago

Anniversary morning fuck

20 years strong and hot as ever

I woke up before her. She lay there next to me, her crimson hair draped down her back. I slid my hand through under the sheets and felt the warm of her side. Slowly my hand moved up her body, stoping to appreciate every curve along the way. Her hair is lo...

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3 weeks ago

Kat and Anna

That time when I fucked two girls in the same night (True Story)

I am now twenty-one. This happened when I was nineteen. How time flies! I'm an English major with a focus in creative writing now, so this should ideally be better written than it would be right after the experience. I'm still going to write it as if I'm...

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3 weeks ago

How I Lost My Virginity

Is it possible to get laid in the home of one of the richest people in the world?

This is the true story of how I lost my virginity. It is not extremely remarkable except for one point. It happened in the home of one of the richest billionaires in the world. How did a nerdy kid from a poor neighborhood end up having sex in his mansion...

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4 weeks ago

Jim and Marilyn. Part 1

Jim loved watching his wife Marilyn fuck me.

I suspect Jim and Marilyn are not their real names, but they are the ones they gave me, so I won't bother changing them. We met on an unusually warm spring afternoon in April, 1991. I was going through a breakup, and was feeling quite depressed. Walking t...

1 month ago

“It’s finally happening... Come on Christy, take it all… This could be my last ever piece of strange... Deeper bitch... She’ll never find out, how could she…God, her lips look so good around my cock…Where did I set my beer…This is really a bad angle for h...

1 month ago

Adventures at an American Summer Camp

The camp directors wife was one hot number.

In the Seventies, some mates and I travelled to England for the big OE (Overseas Experience). Many Kiwis do this in their late teens or early twenties, once they have completed University, or their apprenticeships, etc. We all found jobs around London, pa...

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1 month ago

Who Seduced Whom

How I met my boyfriend and how he enchanted me

Should I lie to make myself sound like less of the impulsive, slutty, red-head-case that I am or should I be honest with both myself and you? I bet I could tell you a lie right now and you wouldn’t be fooled. Let’s try. As I write this, I am not sitting n...

21 Votes 21
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1 month ago

Making the List (Part 4)

Fucking Christy...

Christy greeted me as I walked through the front door, “Welcome home, stranger; sticking around long, or just dropping off some laundry for me?” “Good afternoon, both actually. I have to get ready for a big week at the steakhouse, starting with inventory...

1 month ago

Only In My Dreams

My recollection of a dream I had and the outcome afterward.

It's funny how your mind works. How your brain can take current events, things you've seen, stuff you said, and then smash them into something extraordinary or frightening in your sleep. This is a story about one of those times. Recently, I began talking...

1 month ago

Sue and I Meet Again

Our second meeting was memorable for much better reasons.

We chatted online for a few days. Sue suggested we meet again and invited me over for the following morning. Her defacto hubby would be leaving for work around 6:30 am, so anytime after that would be fine. It was an invitation I could not refuse. In our f...

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