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Wife Lovers

These are stories about wife lovers, and specifically concerned with married women. The wife in question may not actually be making love to her husband, and the stories could involve other lovers, either men or women. Akin to this category are slut wives, hot and horny wife stories, wife swapping, and cheating wives.


Losing Our Bearings 9: Llety-cariad - A Final Night for Maggie and Paul

Series: The 25 Year Itch

Maggie and Paul get some time alone after their night apart

I was still confused by the scene I had witnessed outside as Maggie had said goodbye to Michael. But at least the visitors from Manchester had left and I could try and talk things through with Maggie. Meanwhile I heard a sound behind me in the bedroom. I turned around and saw that Kat was starting to wake up. She saw me and smiled, which lifted my spirits considerably. “Thank you for...Read On


The Machine

My friend made me a once in a lifetime offer.

  If you didn’t know, I’m A retired engineer. I worked in the aerospace industry Primarily working with jet engines, so it wasn't a surprise when a friend of mine called me to ask me if I would be interested in looking at a design he had. Don came over to the house that evening. After getting him a beer, we sat at the kitchen table where he pulled out all of his drawings and notes. It...Read On


My Desire to Breed a Married Woman Chapter 5

The continuing story of Mike breeding Debbie

  For the next two weeks, Cathy and Debbie worked together, but she never came over to our house. I guess she was just staying close to home and trying to make Jim feel like he was part of her pregnancy. Then on Friday, Jim stopped by to ask, “Any chance you and Cathy could come over tonight for dinner? I’m planning to cook some steaks on the grill, so could you bring the wine?” “I don’t...Read On

Me, Clarissa And James

I resisted the idea from the beginning, but knew that it was only a matter of time.

My newest neighbor and friend, James, was married to a fun and beautiful woman named Clarissa.  From the very beginning, I made them feel welcome in their home and helped them get settled in.  Over the next few years, we became very close and were often at each other's homes.  James felt like a brother to me from almost the beginning.  We shared common views on nearly everything that...Read On


Pride Cometh Before the Fuck

Answering questions with questions...

Lately, I’ve read a couple of stories about power struggles between spouses where a dare or challenge occurs in the presence of others and the wife is under the gun to have sex with another man. Both the wife and her husband each has can say no to the challenge and end the conflict, but each doggedly insists that they won’t be the one to back down and that the other must. The...Read On


A Neighbourly Threesome

The couple next door invite their new neighbour in for some coffee and sex…

The neighbour had recently moved to a small country town in the southeast of England, assuming that nothing very exciting would probably ever happen there. He was soon proved wrong however, as he got to know his new next-door neighbours, married couple Caroline and Chris. He’d spoken to Caroline the day after he moved in, and they’d always got along really well following that initial...Read On


Delivery Guy

Wife asleep in the garden gets a nice surprise

I'm Carly from England, and this is a true story that happened to me about two years ago at the age of fourty-two. I arrived home from work feeling hot and bothered. I'd had a bad day at work and all I wanted to do was put my feet up and relax. Steve had texted me to say there was a delivery coming and it needed to be signed for, so I had left work early.  The weather was really hot and...Read On


Sunshine Boy

If she wills it, then so it must be, even if his queen wants to watch him suck another man's cock.

Kneeling on the floor of their living room next to his bride, Ravi watched her closely. He couldn't believe his straight-laced Nadia was sucking off another man right in front of him.  So beautiful , he thought. Her lips, so red and pouty. Gripping. Sliding. When she saw him staring, her round cheeks dimpled with a surprised smile. She popped the stranger’s dick out of her mouth.  “His...Read On


The Basement Revisited

My second time in the basement. I receive the unexpected.

“So, are you ever going to tell me?” We were both in bed, reading. “What? Tell you what?” “That night in the basement. Who the other man was.” “You still think about that? That was what, four years ago?” “Five, but who’s counting.” I put my book down and turned to face him. “That still bugs you doesn’t it?” “It doesn’t bug me, but it would be nice to know who fucks you.” He put his...Read On


The Reunion

Terry gets more than she wanted at the reunion.

So, I got home a little early from work. I opened the door to some faint moaning. Ok, so here is where you say to yourself. I’ve read this a million times. Well, this is different, and this is true. I couldn’t make up shit like this. Anyway, I walked upstairs to find… nothing. Hmm, and I thought they always went upstairs. So downstairs we go. I heard it again. Softly. I looked out the...Read On


Big Beach Bulges, Butts, And Boobs - Part 3

Series: Sun, Sand, Surf, Skin and Sex

We meet the Speedo guy up close and personal.

When I’d turned and seen his entire package on display right there, just a foot or so from my eyes, I think my brain stuttered for a moment. It’s surprising, however, what your eyes can see and your mind can absorb in just fractions of a second even when it’s not running at full speed. First, of course, was the fact that he’d removed his tiny Speedo and was now right there, in all his...Read On


Movie Night

A great spite fuck.

When my friend, Dave, invited me and my wife over to watch movies (on his new 80 inch, 4K flat screen) and have a few drinks, I knew he had broken up with his girlfriend a few months ago. I also knew that if it wore a skirt, he would be after it. I just never considered that Dave would be after my wife! ~~~ It was getting late when our host, Dave, excused himself and headed for the...Read On


Leave The Ring On Chapter Eight:Wicked Game

Everything is revealed and Sean gets his birthday cake...

  Sean woke up dazed and confused, his head pounding, and suddenly he found he couldn't move. That was when he realized he was tied tightly to a chair facing the bed. Fiona sat on the bed looking almost just as dazed yet for some reason she wasn't freaking out or trying to help him. Finally, she spoke. "How long were you standing there?" She wasn't sure why she was asking. Clearly, at...Read On


My Desire to Breed a Married Woman Chapter Four

Mike Breeds Debbie

Cathy and I returned home and as soon as we entered the house our clothes started coming off. We were both so excited about what was going to happen this weekend with Debbie that we had to burn off some energy and fast. I moved us to the couch and had Cathy sit on my cock and I fucked her cowgirl until she exploded very loudly. As she came down, I could feel myself getting close and asked...Read On


Special Delivery (Harder! Faster!)

Ordering the full package turned out to be a terrible mistake ... for him, but not for his wife

“Harder!” she urged. “Faster!” Felicia’s hands were on his buttocks, pulling him into her. Perspiration soaked his forehead as Ben tried his best to rise to his wife’s desires. It was never enough. “Harder! Faster!” Any faster and they’d have to call an ambulance. Besides, the speed at which he was going ensured that a premature conclusion was all but inevitable. With Felicia clawing at...Read On


Big Beach Bulges, Butts, and Boobs - Part 2

Series: Sun, Sand, Surf, Skin and Sex

We continue to enjoy our sexual fantasies, hoping to turn them into reality.

As soon as he sat next to me and the hostess had wandered away, I hissed at him, “Turn that off! I am not going to have an orgasm right here in the restaurant, so don’t waste your time trying to make me.” It was a lie, of course; with the vibrating egg deep inside of me and the remote in his hands, if he’d kept it at that special pulse-buzz-pulse setting that I like so much I’d probably...Read On


Crotch Lake -- Day 7

One week, small island, two couples. What could happen?

Day 7 – Saturday Drive Home All good things must come to an end, and so it was with our stay on Crotch Lake. Saturday morning began with a quick breakfast of energy bars. With heavy hearts and naked bodies, we went about the chore of breaking camp and packing everything up. Once all our gear was ready to go, we reluctantly got dressed enough to ferry everything back to the lodge and the...Read On


Losing Our Bearings 8: A Night at Llety-Cariad Part 2

Series: The 25 Year Itch

Maggie and Paul both find pleasure but at what cost to their marriage?

I was surprised to hear Kat’s voice outside the bedroom.  I was sitting on the bed starting to think through what I had seen. I had watched my wife tied up and fucked by Will and then making gentle love with Michael (or Mike as she had called him!). There seemed to be a deep rapport, maybe even love between them. They even had their own pet names for each other. Had I already lost her? ...Read On


Crotch Lake -- Day 6

One week, small island, two couples. What could happen?

Day 6 Friday In order to get an early start on fishing, I had set an alarm for an ungodly five a.m. I was disoriented. For a couple of minutes, I didn’t know where I was. My first realization was that I smelled pussy, and there was a leg between min and pressing on my crotch. As I usually do the morning after eating Cindy out, I licked my mustache to further activate my favorite aroma....Read On


My Desire to Breed a Married Woman Chapter Three

Mike starts to breed Debbie

As we started down the hall I stopped and turned to look at both Cathy and Jim. Jim had a look of shock on his face which caused me to ask, “Jim, you are ok with this, right?” He stared at me but no words could come out of his mouth. Looking into his eyes I was sure he wanted this but at the same time, he really didn’t want it here in his home. I looked at Cathy and asked, “Are you going...Read On


Leave The Ring On Chapter Seven: It's My Party

Fiona and Damian finally get caught.

Fiona's morning started with a trip to the doctor's office after failing three EPT tests, She had Damian take her while Sean went to work. After all, there really was no doubt whose it was. "Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Brooks you're about to become proud parents," the doctor chimed with happy enthusiasm. She had insisted on not going to her usual doctor, but to one in an entirely...Read On


Crotch Lake -- Day 5

One week, small island, two couples. What could happen?

Day 5 Thursday Ken called a camp meeting after breakfast. “Does anyone have any regrets about last night?” I admitted, “At the time, I wasn’t crazy about the idea of the girls holding me down and my wife feeding me your cum.” Karen leaned across the table and gave me a sweet little kiss. “You didn’t seem to mind very much when it was my pussy you were cleaning up.” “Okay, you got me...Read On


Crotch Lake -- Day 4

One week, small island, two couples. What could happen?

Day 4 Wednesday I woke Ken a little before dawn while getting an eyeful of his naked wife. We grabbed some granola bars and energy drinks and took the boat out to a fishing hole that the lodge owner told us about. It turned out to be a good spot, and the fish were biting so well that we threw back a bunch that we thought were too small to fillet. In between reeling in fish, I got the...Read On


The Weekend - 2

Series: The Private Game

Married couple spend a relaxing weekend. Neighbor reveals suspicions about the wife.

Sunday morning. Lynn is the first one up. Mike is sleeping soundly. She showers in the spare bathroom so she doesn’t disturb him. She puts on her short robe and goes to the kitchen and brews some coffee. She sits at the kitchen table, sipping coffee, and looking out at the backyard. She has a smile and thinks, ‘God that was something last night. Mike serviced me twice. I thought he liked...Read On


Big Beach Bulges, Butts, and Boobs - Part 1

Series: Sun, Sand, Surf, Skin and Sex

Our fantasy beach trip to Jamaica, wet, sexy fantasies included

Before we went to Jamaica on vacation my husband Richard and I fantasized about things that could happen – sexual adventure fantasies, specifically – and we spent some time telling each other about them, which invariably turned into some very hot sex. We had never had sex outside our marriage in the five years we’d been together, nor had we invited anyone else we knew to join us in a...Read On


Crotch Lake -- Day 3

One week, small island, two couples. What could happen?

Day 3 Tuesday Cindy and I were the first up and were working on breakfast when Karen and Ken came out of the tent to join us. They were both naked. We stood there dumbstruck, staring at all the bare flesh in front of us. Cindy was the first to recover her voice. “What is this?” Ken said, “Well, you know how Karen always wants to be in charge of everything.” “Right,” I said. “So?” “Well,...Read On


Losing Our Bearings 7: A Night At Llety-Cariad

Series: The 25 Year Itch

Maggie's boundaries move as she tries new experiences

I walked slowly downstairs, leaving Maggie in the bedroom. I waited outside the main room and couldn’t hear much from inside. I waited a moment, took a deep breath and opened the door. As I entered the main living room on my own, I was expecting everyone to be waiting impatiently for my return. However, on entering, I heard quiet chatter which sounded more like old friends talking in a...Read On


Crotch Lake -- Day 2

One week, small island, two couples. What could happen?

Day 2 Monday Ken and I were up first. After a quick trip into the woods to water a couple of trees, Ken worked on re-stoking the fire to chase the morning chill from the campsite. Meanwhile, I got the coffee and bacon started on the gas stove. Neither of us seemed anxious to bring up the previous night as we were both working in silence. I called to the tent, “Hey girls, the bacon’s...Read On


My Desire to Breed a Married Woman Chapter Two

Jim is confronted with the plan

The next day was Saturday so both Cathy and I took advantage to stay in bed longer. The only problem with that was that Cathy had something on her mind besides sleep. She was propped on an elbow staring at me when I woke up so I asked, “Yes? Can I do something for you, Sweetheart?” “I would say so, but only if you wake up first.” “I think I am awake if I am asking you what you need,...Read On


My Affair With A Married Woman

I meet a woman who is separated from her husband, older and anxious to be fucked.

I live with my parents even though I am twenty-five years of age. I have a job that takes me away from home for weeks on end. Renting an apartment would mean it would be unoccupied for most of the year. Most of my affairs are short term with women I meet on my travels. I join a gym when I am going to be in town for more than a week so I can work out. This is also a good spot to pick up...Read On

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